Thursday Nov. 18 | Bret Stephens: Peace in the Middle East?

November 17, 2010 at 12:02 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

One of our nation’s top writers on foreign affairs and the Middle East joins us. Bret Stephens is the Deputy Editorial Page Editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal as well as a regular panelist on Fox News’ “Journal Editorial Report.” He joins us to discuss Israel, hopes for peace and whether those hopes have any chance of coming to fruition.

Bret Stephens
– Deputy Editorial Page Editor, The Wall Street Journal, Principal Columnist on Foreign Affairs “Global View”
Kathryn Johnson – Assoc. Professor, Islamic Studies at UNC Charlotte

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  2. I know Mr. Stephens advocates for America’s going to war with Iran. Has he served in any branch of the US military? Has he served in the IDF? If the answer is no, will he consider joining the military before advocating for war?

    Our war plate is full!

  3. Hi, been on your show twice.

    I think that Bret is accurate. It is not about territory. Yet, like with the public, people need to understand the following: For as long as there are Muslims raised compliant with the Quran on the hands of the clerics today, Israel will remain a bullseye target.

    I like to suggest that Bret recants his comparison of Israel to Russia. You know! Let us not compare ourselves to monsters to justify inhumane acts. I am sure the Jews, like the Muslims, have good hearts underneath decades of institulization for hate and vengance. It is there where problems are solved.

  4. Mike:

    If we go along with your guest’s opinion about the US taking out Iran’s nuclear capability, does it end there? Don’t we really have to take out their airforce, navy and other facilties? Also what is the danger about a ginned up nationalistic Iranian population being our enemy?

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