Tuesday September 2 | Foreclosure Update

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In what has been a national housing crisis, foreclosure filings in North Carolina are up 19 percent and Mecklenburg County is leading the surge. Today on Charlotte Talks, we’ll get an update on the foreclosure situation from people on the front-lines. We’ll talk to counselors who advise buyers before and after purchasing a home and help homeowners avoid foreclosure here in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area.

Bruce Hamlett – Director or Economic Independence, United Family Services
Tom Estes – Chief Risk Officer, Residential Mortgage Center
Neill Fendly – Lender, Dover Mortgage

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Monday September 1 | Medical Myths

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It’s a myth busters version of Charlotte Talks. In this encore presentation, we’ll look at some of the most popular and long standing medical myths to see if any of them might be real. Do we really need to drink that much water everyday? Does your heart stop when you sneeze? Should you feed a fever and starve a cold? Our experts will answer those questions and more.

Dr. Rachel Vreeman
– Pediatric Research Fellow, Indiana University School of Medicine
Dr. Aaron Carroll
– Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine
Dr. Michael Richardson
– Medical Director, Charlotte Medical Clinic, Mint Hill office.
Since this is an encore presentation, we won’t be able to include your comments.

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Friday August 29 | Jane Seymour & ‘Hypermilers’

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It’s a split show today on Charlotte Talks. First we speak to film and TV actress Jane Seymour. The award-winning actress perhaps best known for the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman series is also an accomplished painter. She is in town for the opening of one of her exhibits, but first she visits with us.

In the second half of the show we meet a man proclaimed as the King of Hypermiling. Hypermiling is a practice that is sweeping the Internet and our roadways. Hypermilers find unique, and sometimes controversial ways to dramatically increase the mileage they get from their cars.
Jane Seymour
– Actress, Visual artist
Wayne Gerdes – Hypermiler and founder of CleanMPG.com

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Thursday August 28 | Comedian Jon Reep

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Homegrown comedian Jon Reep joins us for a laugh filled hour on Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins. Reep’s journey from class clown in a small town outside of Hickory to the winner of the 2007 “Last Comic Standing” competition is filled with hilarious misadventures. Most of us know him as the lovable redneck on the Dodge Hemi commercial campaign, but he is a veteran comic. He’ll share some of those adventures and his rise to stardom.
Jon Reep – Comedian, Actor, winner of NBC’s 2007 Last Comic Standing

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Wednesday August 27 | Average Joes

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It’s our monthly edition of Average Joes here on Charlotte Talks. We’ll be joined by a diverse group of Charlotte Talks listeners who will talk about the issues important to them. Tom Atwood, Hampton Hopkins, Ann Fallon and Bill Guillot will join us to talk about education, the election, energy and gas prices, immigration and much, much more.

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Tuesday August 26 | Countdown to College

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College admissions season is upon us and we’ll talk about high school students’ college visits and making the college choice. We’ll meet one student who spent her summer visiting potential colleges and we’ll find out how that helped shape her decisions about where to apply. Then we’ll talk about the sometimes difficult process of saying goodbye to the college freshman who is off on their own for the first time. We’ll hear first hand accounts from both parents and students, including a new college freshman and her mom who will talk about what they’re going through right now.
Lee Bierer – Countdown to College Columnist, The Charlotte Observer
David Mabe – Admissions Office at Davidson College

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Monday August 25 | Convention Talk

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We’ll host a preview of both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions on this edition of Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins. The Democratic National Convention begins this week and the Republican Convention next week, so we’ll talk with a panel of political experts to discuss “Political Conventions 101” and hear about what happens at these conventions, what we can expect from the festivities over the next two weeks, what issues will be discussed, about delegates, candidates and more. Join us for a pre-convention primer on the next Charlotte Talks
Dr. Eric Heberlig – Political Scientist, UNC Charlotte
Dr. Scott Huffmon – Political Scientist, Winthrop University
Taylor Batten – Elections Editor, Charlotte Observer
Mary Thornberry – Political Science Professor, Davidson College
Lee Teague – GOP delegate and Chairman, Mecklenburg County Republican Party
Susan Burgess – Democratic Party delegate, and Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem

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Friday August 22 | Cooking 101

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Our food series continues with guest Chef Peter Reinhart joining Mike today on Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins. We go back to the basics today to talk about cooking 101. We’ve done many good shows with Peter and his culinary confidants, but never a show to help those of us who may be kitchen-challenged. Call and write with questions about cooking simple recipes, the use of seasoning, proper boiling, frying and baking techniques ans some of the basic equipment you need to outfit a kitchen.

Peter Reinhart – Chef-on-Assignment, Johnson and Wales
Shirley Corriher – Cooking Teacher, Author of Cookwise and Bakewise
Jan Byers – Showroom Manager, Sub-Zero/Wolf Showroom

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Thursday August 21 | Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers

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We visit with the head of Duke Energy on today’s edition of Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins. Jim Rogers heads a multi-national company at the heart of energy supply in our region. Recently the corporation released a report looking at a lower carbon future and Mr. Rogers also speaks on climate related issues to the World Affairs Council later today. He also just returned from a trip to China and will have some insights on that country’s future energy demands.
Jim Rogers – Chairman, President and CEO of Duke Energy Corp.

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Wednesday August 20 | Education, Poverty and CMS

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Members of Charlotte’s Swann Fellowship for Education join us on this edition of Charlotte Talks for a look at Education, Poverty and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. We’ll talk about steps that the Swann Fellowship thinks the school system should take to help at-risk students and help them succeed, and we’ll get a reaction on that from a CMS School Board Member and some insight from a family court judge.
Rev. Tom Tate – CMS School Board Member
Deacon Jones – Chairman of the Board of the Swann Fellowship
Mickey Aberman – member of the Swann Fellowship
Judge Regan Miller – Mecklenburg County Family Court

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