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  1. Mike-

    I am an avid listening of your show and I highly respect you for your demonstration of having an open mind and fairness as a person and journalist demonstrated through all this year via your radio show.

    I am very sorry that I was cut from the conversation this morning Open phones related to the Presidential elections.

    If I may I would like to bring this US State Department PDF document where in page 6 indicated the following:

    “Despite widespread popular belief, U.S military installations abroad and U.S diplomatic or consular facilities are not part of the United States within the meaning of the 14th amendment. A child born on the premises of such facility is not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and does not acquire U.S. citizenship by reason of birth.”

    this is in page 6… Please read it…

    This is the US State Department web site which contains the file which is attached for your reading. http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/86755.pdf

  2. I wonder if anyone listens to what they are saying about all this. Obama is a great speaker and I am moved when he speaks. I think we know all the “baggage” that comes with Hillary, but we know nothing about Obama. Hillary if, of course, the best qualified person. When there e ver be another woman as qualified as she.

  3. McCain will make a huge mistake if he chooses Rice or Powell as a running mate. That would hand the Democrats what they want most, the chance to run against GW Bush. Rice especially would draw the high-beam focus onto her, away from McCain himself. McCain would also do well to ignore the ultra-right wing of his party. He does not need to pander to them, because they will vote for him, regardless of what they say now. Can you imagine a Rush Limbaugh voting for an Obama or a Clinton? Please. Never happen. If they choose not to vote at all, they hand the election to the Democrats on a platter. McCain will do best with a centrist person of color or a woman. How about Elizabeth Dole? Thanks!

  4. Mike,

    As one who has listened to Charlotte Talks regularly, I hate to have to write about what is hopefully a minor matter, but I’ve heard something that is incorrect twice this morning.
    First, in Dianne Rheams promo. she said that “the house has failed to pass” the FISA extendion legislation.
    Many of us think such an extention, especially if passed under the presumption that executive privledge means whatever the president wants it to mean, is a horrible idea from a constitutional perspetive. Saying that the house “failed” to pass the bill implies they are obligated to do so. This is a concept that is repugnant to those of us who value the seperation of powers that has protected our individual rights.
    That’s all for now. Again, let me say that I enjoy your show and listen as often as I can.

  5. I want to make sure that when my children hear about the Holocaust, they hear also about the oppression of the Palestinians.
    The Palestinian situation represents, in my opinion, the great hypocrisy of recent human history. I am even more disturbed with the complicit behaviour of MY government in this ongoing tragedy. I hope that your guest understands that a few Americans “get it”. The Israeli government is responsible for the disenfranchisement of an entire ethnic group…

  6. Comment for the June 17th broadcast: Mr. Hollis will you ever cast a different race in a major production.example:My fair Lady, Annie, Sound of music,and if not, why.

  7. Mike – how about a show related to protest songs? My favorite is “Ballad of Penny Evans” by Steve Goodman but I know there are LOTS of protest songs by Woody Guthrie, etc. Steve Goodman wrote songs for Arlo Guthrie; I saw him in Chicago in the 70’s with Harry Chapin. “Penny Evans” can be pulled up on the internet – there was not a dry eye in the audience after his acapella rendition of this song. Thanks !

  8. Pundits say that the Charlotte market can swing two states in a close presidential election.

    Mike Collins is a national treasure.

  9. If anyone is interested in joining me in having Jeff Katz removed from the air ways of WBT and-or forced to publicaly debate someone intelegent on the issues please let me know. Jeff is a bigoted hate monger.

  10. I’ve never heard or even heard of Jeff Katz and I don’t know Nick but dollars to doughnuts Katz is a conservative and Nick’s a liberal.

  11. Mike and WFAE, as long time supporters we are sooooo very tired and bored with the “all talk” format. We LOVED the jazz component on Sat. nights….. Please reconsider a music format. With the world in turmoil, music wound be so soothing….We are turning off WFAE and listening to our discs rather than so many “talking jaws” 24/7….Why do we need so much un-useful and un-nessary information?????….Don’t misunderstand we love and listen to “Charlotte Talks” and always designature our support dollars toward your show…

  12. The Indians called “Tainos” are from the island of Puerto Rico not from La Espanola. Can you ask your guess to please clarify this?????
    Was it puerto rico???

  13. Does Mike Collins still do commercials for local companies? If so, can anyone explain why WFAE allows this? Are any of the stations other reporters allowed to make extra money by trading on their status and popularity this way? I’m sure they would love to supplement their income this way, but as far as I know, they aren’t allowed to.

  14. We drive from Hendersonville to meet our daughter at Charlotte’s train station. She comes from Durham. You say there is all this money for city rail service. What about the condition of your Queen City’s train station? Have you tried to use its restrooms? And the urban renewal around the station is scary. Ever park at the Shell Station up the road? The drunks and crack heads make you want to keep a pistol handy. What an image for a great city!

  15. I am a parent of a sophomore honors student making straight A’s. She is currently attending Hopewell High School, CMS is trying to send her to West Charlotte High School next year. I do not want my child to attend a new school. I provide her transportation and do not understand why she cannot remain at her current school. West Charlotte is a sub-par school. I DO NOT want my daughter to change schools. If anyone has advice for me I would appreciate it.

  16. Regarding your discussion with economist Dr. John Connaughton, failed to comment on the Federal ballout and continuing full government suppoet of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Also, the fact that while most banks have paid back Tarp, the government guarateed bank losses in many cases and have parked or bought huge amounts of “toxic mortgages”.

    He also mentioned Japan as an example of a country that has “managed” well with high levels of government debt. Last time I checked, Japan had been in an economic downturn since 1990.

    Also, suprised he didn’t mention the bubbles of the last decade and the overwhelming household balance sheet debt which will take a long time to either write or pay off.

    Might be interesting to interview an economist who actually saw what was coming. There are a few.

  17. Mike, I appreciate the variety of topics discussed on your show here. Can you please give conservatives a fair say without defending your liberal bias? Or should I start turning to Fox News to get “balanced” news (lol)? Please stop blaming conservatives for the world’s problems.

    The liberal media often drive the wedge of polarization in this country that continue to push people apart. It breaks my heart.

    For example, how do you relate southern hospitality with red/blue states and the confederacy/ conservative values. When you were outlining the red/blue states during the recent talk on hospitality, you specifically mentioned that red states were somehow in the South. Why did you not mention that red states are ALL THROUGHOUT THE HEARTLAND AND MAINLY IN THE WESTERN STATES as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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