Friday November 19, 2010 | Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer

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Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer worked with the CIA to investigate the Taliban in Afghanistan a few years before 9/11. He wrote an extremely controversial book about that experience called Operation Dark Heart. The book reveals how Lt. Colonel Shaffer’s unit reported information about four of the 9/11 hijackers a year before the tragedy, but they were ignored by the Dept. of Defense.  Lt. Colonel Shaffer alleges that the Pentagon bought all 10,000 copies of the first run of his book and burned them. Mr. Shaffer is now retired from the military and free to tell his story. A censored version was then released and he’s retired from the military so he can speak about what he says really happened that the DoD doesn’t want us to know.

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer
– Lt. Colonel, US Army Reserves

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Thursday Nov. 18 | Bret Stephens: Peace in the Middle East?

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One of our nation’s top writers on foreign affairs and the Middle East joins us. Bret Stephens is the Deputy Editorial Page Editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal as well as a regular panelist on Fox News’ “Journal Editorial Report.” He joins us to discuss Israel, hopes for peace and whether those hopes have any chance of coming to fruition.

Bret Stephens
– Deputy Editorial Page Editor, The Wall Street Journal, Principal Columnist on Foreign Affairs “Global View”
Kathryn Johnson – Assoc. Professor, Islamic Studies at UNC Charlotte

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