Tuesday April 1, 2008 | The Charlotte Housing Market

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The Charlotte housing market continues to buck national trends, even while it does suffer in its own ways.  A new group of experts has created an organization to track housing trends in the region and they join us to look at the latest moves by the federal government to stabilize the housing market.
Brian Pace
– President, Home Builders Association of Charlotte
Charles Myers – President, Myers Park Mortgage
Emma Littlejohn – The Littlejohn Group

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Monday, March 31, Many Shades of Green

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We get a female perspective on several major environmental issues, including environmental justice and the rise of green industries and the jobs they may create.  A panel of experts holds a discussion at the Levine Museum of the New South this evening, but they join us first.
Lisa Renstrom – Former President of the Sierra Club
Leslie Fields – National Environmental Justice Director, Sierra Club
Anita Burke – Environmental consultant and former advisor to Shell International

Friday, March 28, Ready Schools Initiative

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Kids are preparing for their school years at younger and younger ages.  The North Carolina Ready Schools Initiative is aimed at making sure children are prepared to enter school and that educators are properly trained to teach them, no matter what each child’s proficiency level may be.  We’ll look at the initiative and how CMS is adapting it.
Ann Clark – CMS Curriculum Development

Thursday, March 27, Historic Cemeteries

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CemeteryWe discuss the cemeteries of Mecklenburg County.  We are surrounded by the memories and the remains of those who lived in Mecklenburg County before us, going all the way back to the founders of our community.  As development continues, disputes will arise over historic cemeteries or any cemetery in the path of a projected develpment or other project.  Cemeteries also get discovered all the time.  We’ll learn about the laws governing and protecting cemeteries and the options families have when a cemetery has to be moved.
Jane Johnson – Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
Dan Morill – Historian

Wednesday, March 26, Playing for Others / Spring Allergies

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Spring BlossomsTwo women with an eye for helping kids teach kids, join us for a conversation about a unique organization called Playing for Others, Inc.  It’s a way for teenagers to mingle with and work with less advantaged kids on a full scale theater production.  The kids do it all, while learning valuable lessons about teamwork and not judging others based on their apparent disability.
In the second half of the show we talk to experts about the onslaught of spring’s allergies and how to manage them.
Jennifer Brand
– Founder of Playing for Others
Mitzi Corrigan – Founder of Emma’s Gifts, co-founder of Playing for Others, Inc.

Tuesday, March 25, Meadowlark Lemon

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We meet the “Clown Prince of Basketball,” Meadowlark Lemon today on Charlotte Talks.  Mr. Lemon is well known for his on-court antics and his off the court ambassodorship as a longtime member of the Harlem Globetrotters.  Mr. Lemon remains active in the community as a minister and motivational speaker.  He joins us at our Spirit Square studio.

Monday, March 24, Young Girls and Violence

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We’re joined by a panel of experts to discuss the growing trend of young girls participating in violent acts.  We’ll find out why this is happening, what the trend of young girls toward gang culture means, and what parents and community members can do to help prevent violence among young girls.

Food as Medicine

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Peter Reinhart is back Friday, March 21, to explore how food can function as medicine. Topics will include: how changing your diet can make you healthier, the little known health benefits of some of your favorite foods and how certain herbs, spices, drinks and other edible ingredients can serve as home remedies for a variety of maladies.

Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa – Medical Doctor, Author, Food As Medicine www.drdharma.com
Jaqueline Masters – Personal Care Manager, Talley’s Green Grocery
Peter Reinhart – Chef-in-Resident, Johnson and Wales University

Regional Reporters: Ft. Mill and Rock Hill

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Today in our series of programs with newspaper reporters from around the Charlotte region, we take a look south to get an update on York and Lancaster counties.  We’ll hear how they’re dealing with growth and development, schools, transportaion and state politics. 
Matt Garfield
– Reporter, The Herald, Rock Hill
Jonathan Allen – Reporter, The Fort Mill Times

Average Joes

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It’s our March edition of Averae Joes on Wednesday, March 19.  The guests describe themselves politically as a liberal conservative, a very opinionated moderate, a young conservative, and a registered independent.  Issues important to them include the election, education, religion, Charlotte’s growth, evolution, murder and more.

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