Tuesday July 21, 2009 | Mission Possible: Feeding the Hungry

July 20, 2009 at 12:23 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

It’s a different kind of food show this month. Our “Chef-in-Radio,” Peter Reinhart is back and brings with him some of the top chefs in the city. But we won’t be talking about gourmet food, instead, Chef Jim Noble and Chef Ron Ahlert will talk about their charitable efforts to not only feed the hungry, but to train people in need to be employed in the restaurant industry. Join us for a conversation about food charities, the nutrition of the poor and much more.
Chef Peter Reinhart – Chef-on-Assignment, Johnson and Wales University
Chef Jim Noble – Owner, Noble’s Restaurant; Honorary Chair of King’s Kitchen
Chef Ron Ahlert – Director and Instructor, Community Culinary School of Charlotte
Kelly Vass – Registered Dietician, Nutrition Services Coordinator, Friendship Trays

Charlotte Mission Possible is a joint effort by local media outlets to help Charlotte residents understand the charitable needs of the community and then find ways to help meet those needs. Learn more.

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  1. It is sickening that the “free” or “cheaper” food often offered to those in need is unhealthy and full of trans fats, etc. However, I can say a local food ministry through our church, Angel Food Ministries which has a Yahoo group that regularly will send out menus, has now included fully balanced senior meals and a gluten-free menu as well as produced catered toward certain ethnic communities with recipes included. For $25, you can get enough food to feed a family of 4 per week and they take food stamps. It is great that anyone, even someone not yet in need of public assistance now has these options of HEALTHY food at an affordable price. This ministry offers food at many churches in the city…you pay, and then show up for pickup day.

  2. Regarding volunteers for deliveries, please note that CharlotteLaw students are required to complete a number of community service hours by time of graduation. Feel free to contact us with possible projects and needs. cpd@charlottelaw.edu

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