Monday July 20 | “Solace for the Children” & Erica McGee

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Part One: Afghan Kids Receiving Medical Treatment in Charlotte
We’ll meet a 17 year old Afghan youth who is visiting the Charlotte area to receive medical treatment along with several other Afghan young people. We’ll talk with Zaman Abdul Rashid, and two members of the organization who made his trip possible about some of the typical hardships that Afghan youths face medically and in terms of education. We’ll also hear about the mutual education and understanding about Afghan and American culture that has happened as a result of bringing children here for medical treatment.
Zaman Abdul Rashid – 17 year old receiving medial treatment in Charlotte
Patsy Wilson – President and Summer Coordinator for Solace for the Children
Carol McKay – Member of the board of directors for Solace for the Children

Part Two: Erica McGee and Grits: The Musical
Actress and singer Erica McGee got tired of waiting for other people to hire her so she decided to become a one-person theatre company. She has produced her own projects such as A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline, Decade DIVA, Jazzy DIVA and now McGee is introducing audiences to her latest project called GRITS: The Musical. It’s based on best-selling author Deborah Ford’s novel Grits: Friends are Forevah. Erica McGee slows down long enough to talk about her latest project.
Erica McGee – Writer and Star of Grits: The Musical

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