Monday October 5, 2009 | Drug Interdiction in North Carolina

October 2, 2009 at 10:18 am | Posted in Coming Up | 5 Comments

Many residents enjoy life in our region without knowing that there is a dark underside in the Queen City and beyond. Charlotte Mecklenburg police officers, drug enforecement agents and our local court system fight the drug war every day and the war is widespread. We’ll examine the types of drugs, where they come from and who is dealing and doing them in our region with an expert from the CMPD, DEA and the District Attorney’s office.
Eric Duft
– Detective, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department
John Emerson – Agent, Drug Enforcement Agency
Heather Taraska – Assistant District Attorney

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  1. Mike Collins has crossed the line this morning; his line of questioning about relaxing the drug laws is naive and disrespectful of the enforcement agents who deserve better. Furthermore he has strayed from the essence of the CharMeck drug problem.

    He has done this before when the drug subject has arisen. In other words, he is almost advocating repeal of laws when there “is no victim”.

    We deserve better from this radio station.

    • Cry me a river, you losers are just mad because your losing. Face it, the war against marijuana users was lost the very minute the US government patented Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. The pigs can’t lie their way out of this one!

  2. Please stick to the facts.
    It is not a gateway drug. A large percentage of people that smoke pot do no other illegal drugs.
    Ask them why they think it is illegal?
    Why do several states want to legalize it?
    The people want it.
    Look at Boulder Co…

  3. The REAL gateway drug is alcohol. Seen it all my life.

  4. People against the legalization of marijuana say that it’s a gateway drug and that everyone who does “harder drugs” started with pot.
    I wonder what the percenatges are on people that have smoked marijuana and haven’t tried “harder drugs.”
    I am very interested in seeing that stat.

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