Monday December 22 | Average Joes

December 22, 2008 at 8:55 am | Posted in Coming Up | 5 Comments

It’s the final edition of Average Joes for 2008. Join us for a conversation with fellow WFAE listeners about the upcoming change in administrations, changes in traditional media, childcare, the automotive bailout, education and more.
Sarah Myers, Bill Diskin, Harry Nelson, Justin Watson

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  1. Sir,

    Please ask your left leaning folks one question: what ONE thing has the government done well? If that’s too hard, one thing it’s done decently?

    I stated this when I was an Average Joe. Nobody could answer it then either.

    Thank You,
    Mark Killion

  2. Once again when talking about the Auto Industries problems the False main point is brought up, The Workers Unions!

    If one is going to use that argument, false as it is, and coming mostly from those who call themselves ‘Rightwing’ and beliving in the False ideology of ‘Free Market’ under little or no Regulation, than the Extremely Huge Salaries of not only the CEO’s but All the Executives who make the Business Policies that are the Contributing Factor to a companies problems Should Be Spoken Prior To anything mentioned about the Employee’s who make the Quality Products People Want!!

  3. Add to my last the wasted Millions spent to fight emission standards, the extremely over the wall advertising dollars, the extreme executive perks………..and on and on!!

  4. Sir,
    I would be curious if your 23 year old guru being interviewed could name the previous five presidents. I’ll bet you lunch at a location of your choice he can’t.
    Thank You,

  5. Collins doesn’t see his own bias, he admits this in this episode but I can give him a pointer on it. He has this block about never calling ANYONE or any orgization liberal. None, he does it all day long hanging the conservative tag but never for liberals. I don’t get it, is there some agreement in smoke-filled liberal meet-and-eats where they agree not to ‘out’ anyone? Take this quote from this episode: “All of the newspapers are in trouble, whether you’re a conservative and like the Chicago Tribune or whether you’re a liberal and like the New York Times. The Chicago Tribune is a conservative paper, the New York Times has mortgaged their building to stay in business.” What’s wrong with this sentence?? He’s done this repeatedly. Another example on a separate show was when he was making a point and said ‘William Kristol and Frank Rich have made the same point. William Kristol is a conservative and Frank Rich is… not”. I demand an answer as to what is behind this clear agenda. If Mike cannot see or acknowledge his bias then they need to get someone in the chair that is a straight shooter. It is time for transparency in the media.

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