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  1. Dear Sir/Madam:

    On April 26th your show updated the situation with ReVenture. During the discussion numerous hurdles were shown.

    I have been interested in this subject for a few years now and found a company based in Canada doing just what is being planned. The name is Plasco Energy Group. They have plants operating in areas now.

    I left a message with Council Woman Roberts with the companies name in case she would like to inquire on what they offer.

    Since then you had another show on the landfill which is a part of the Reventure plan that has involved some controversy. As far as I know Plasco Technology elimiminates most of the need for any landfill.If you have plans to follow this story you may want to discuss the Plasco alternative. The company has a website for more info.


  2. are used to live in Chicago in Lincoln Park area and parked my car in a garage in my condo building. But I very rarely took my car and either took my bike or the bus to work every day. I still needed a place for my car when I traveled outside the city, so I find it hard to understand how apartment builders can illuminate parking spaces.

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