Monday December 6, 2010 | District Attorney Peter Gilchrist

December 3, 2010 at 1:06 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 6 Comments

For the past 35 years residents of Mecklenburg County have relied on District Attorney Peter Gilchrest to prosecute its most dangerous criminals. Mr. Gilchrist is stepping down from his post in January but first he sits down with Charlotte Talks. He will look back at the fight against crime here, the advent of gangs, the rise in drug trafficking and the growth of a city in the eyes of someone who has seen the best, and the worst, the city has to offer. Join us for a conversation with longtime D.A. Peter Gilchrest.

Peter Gilchrist
– Outgoing Mecklenburg County District Attorney

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Charlotte Talks, Charlotte Talks. Charlotte Talks said: Mecklenburg County District Attorney Peter Gilchrist is retiring. Monday: He talks about his 36 year career, the… […]

  2. Want to ask guest how he feels about domestic violence laws in NC. Last year 1st case in Meck cty was a 19 girl murdered by her fiancee. He was from India. He got 10yrs for killing her. Max sentences should be imposed for murder. Your guest made light of the public not realizing max sentences wouldn’t be the charge. I find that appalling in a murder case. Also glad to see your guest retire. Too long in that office. Just punching a time clock mentality!

  3. There is something I have been curios about for some time. A number of years ago my wife made a police report accusing me of assault in order to improve her leverage in an impendig divorce. I was arrested and charged with assault when neither the police or anyone from the DA’s office ever talked to me. Is it common procedure to charge peopole without investigating? (The charge was dismissed when I refused to plead to the charge)

  4. Anything Mr. Gilchrist can tells us about why he fired one of his top prosecutors (Marsha Goodenow) just a month before he leaves office?

    Also, people have wished there was more transparency in the DA’s office with Gilchrist. Why has he been so reluctant to speak publicly about the outcomes of cases and the workings of the DA’s office?

  5. I was shocked to hear that the DA’s office lacks a comprehensive case management system. My firm builds large, enterprise systems. As a service to my community, I am offering to write a comprehensive system for the DA’s office at no charge (my cost only). I would look forward to serving my community.

  6. Charlotte has fallen to the ‘fire people.’ It sure ain’t the nice and charming Southern city it used to be, it’s quite the sprawling and unsustainable mess.

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