Friday December 3, 2010 | Next Generation Electric Cars

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Pictured: The Electric Tesla Roadster. Mike tests drive one: Listen here.

The next generation of electric vehicles is here with the plug-in hybrids Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf and Tesla Roadster hitting showrooms for the coming year. More traditional hybrids have been available for years but they don’t require the infrastructure plug-in hybrids would need to recharge for longer distance driving. We’ll look at the latest electric cars and talk about how feasible it will be to provide infrastructure. We’ll also test drive an Electric Tesla Roadster (pictured above.)

Mike Rowand
– Director of Technology and Development, Duke Energy
Stephanie Cox – Regional Manager, EV Project for ECOtality
Ron Cerven – Project Development Engineer, Li-ion Motors
Greg Efthimiou – Representative, Duke Energy

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