November 16, 2010 | Midterm Election Wrap-Up

November 15, 2010 at 12:03 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

The midterm elections were predicted to bring about huge shifts in power on both the national and state levels and that has turned out to be true. Just before the election several of our political experts made some predictions and now we ask them back to find out which ones came true and what happens now. We look ahead at the massive political shift and the changes it will likely bring in political discourse and legislation in the Carolinas and beyond.

Dr. Scott Huffmon
– Associate Professor, Political Science at Winthrop University
Dr. Michael Bitzer – Director, History and Politics at Catawba College

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  1. How will anything ever change until we have true election reforms in this country? As long as billions of dollars flow through the election machine the average taxpayer has no chance of being represented in Charlotte, Raleigh, or DC. Agendas, liberal or conservative, are just smoke and mirrors to make it look like politicians care about the voter’s wants or needs.

  2. Mike:

    Great program. Prof. Huffman continues to use the phrase in the debates with Sheheen Hailey got it wrong. It seems as though in every debate she really got things seriously wrong. It is amazing to me that she still got elected. However, we wish all elected officials well…I wonder how much more SC can cut. It’s not like they had a big government to begin with.

    Jim Thompson
    Fort Mill,SC

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  4. This 2010 election was scary. Unlimited (and often undisclosed) campaign money bought recognition without accountability in many races.

    In NC, I worked hard for campaign of Elaine Marshall for US Senate. Per the Charlotte Observer editorial, Elaine did not take money from Special Interests like Big Oil or Tobacco like her opponent did – She couldn’t even afford TV ads for the whole last week before the election! I had a tough time even getting yard signs to put out for her. Being outspend 5-1, she lost. My little $5 and $10 contributions couldn’t compete.

    We need campaign finance reform fast and a reversal of Citizens United decision allowing these unlimited, undisclosed Big Corporate influences.

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