Thursday November 11, 2010 | Homelessness

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The problem of homelessness around the US is one that has been both longstanding and hard to fix. A sluggish US Economy doesn’t help the problem, and yet, there are innovative and persistent organizations putting forth efforts to help cities around the country decrease the level of homelessness in their community. We’ll be joined by a former White House Homeless “Czar” and a local expert on homelessness to find out what’s happening to stop or decrease homelessness in Charlotte and around the nation.

Philip Mangano
– President and CEO, The American Roundtable to Abolish Homelessness and Fmr. Exec. Director, US Interagency Council on Homelessness
Caroline Chambre – Director, Moore Place and the Homeless to Homes Program at the Urban Ministry Center of Charlotte

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  2. It is time to implement the Charlotte 10 years to end homelessness document, but stop building more units until will fill the 24,000+ units sitting vacant in the Charlotte region. Filling occupied units is much cheaper than building new, and is an important piece of the document. The housing is available, but we must provide a local rent subsidy for some of the rent and intense case management for every household.

  3. The Wish Program is a great local example that needs to be funded to connect the available housing to the people in need.

  4. Note: The writer wishes to remain Anonymous. She was 36-38 years old when she was homeless. She is 40 now. /Erin

    My last stint of homelessness was 2006-2008. I lived in my car most of 2 years (with 2, 2.5 month reprieves). Most of this time was in Charlotte, 6 months in Wilmington.

    I was evicted from my affordable apartment due to not finding stable employment in time. Moving into my car allowed me automony… something shelters did not offer, as I wanted my life to appear as normal as possible to the outside world.

    I sustained myself with temporary work, donating plasma (I’m health), food stamps, income tax refunds, and a little help from family in another city… all the while concealing my situation.

    I FINALLY found a job with a living wage… “full-time” (32+ hours) at $8 per hour. My food stamps ended after I found employment, so I couldn’t save as quickly. I went to work for 2 months while living in my car. I already knew I would have to rent from a private owner to be able to live alone, because NO apartment complex would consider renting to an evictee.

    I found someone willing to rent to me at a decent complex… a 1-bedroom for $450/month. NO WAY was I going to live in a project… I’d rather live in my car! And after a bad roommate experience (one of the 2.5 month reprieves), I wanted to live alone.

    The place I WAS living was demolished to build a “luxury” complex that I would no longer be able to afford.

    Charlotte’s problem? Finding a job with enough hours and a living wage and THEN finding an affordable place to live. Charlotte has TOO MANY “luxury” homes and not enough well-kept, affordable homes.

    • Amen wrt need for more decent affordable housing in Charlotte! Great program Mike, & very timely. Thanks.

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