Monday Nov. 1 | Sustainable Charlotte & “Incorruptible”

October 29, 2010 at 11:23 am | Posted in Coming Up | 2 Comments

Part One: Sustainable Charlotte
Monday marks the day that government and community leaders will gather together to begin an initiative to make Charlotte a “sustainable city”. So, what IS a sustainable city? On this edition of Charlotte Talks, we’ll be joined by the founder of a new organization whose sole purpose is to help make Charlotte into one of the nation’s leaders in terms of sustainability. We’ll talk about what factors makes a city sustainable, and how much work Charlotte has to become a leader in sustainability.
Shannon Binns
– Executive Director, Sustain Charlotte
Ernie McLaney – Executive Director, CPCC’s Center for Sustainability and Board Member, Sustain Charlotte

Part Two:  Incorruptible
The dark ages are known for being a difficult time to be alive but playwright Michael Hollinger found a way to make the Dark Ages darkly comic in his play, Incorruptible. Collaborative Arts is presenting Mr. Hollinger’s work after a successful staging of another of his plays. Mr. Hollinger and director Peter Smeal join us to talk about the most recent offering from Collaborative Arts, a company whose reputation continues to rise.
Michael Hollinger
– Playwright, Incorruptible
Peter Smeal – Director, Incorruptible

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  2. On the sustainable landscaping front : your comments that native plants are sustainable because they use less water was incorrect and a comon misconception.Just because a plant is ‘native’ dose not imply it uses less water. Sustainable planting begins with selecting the right plant for the right location and hopefully using species that are ornamental AND urban adapatible.
    Greg Paige Arboretum Curator Bartlett Tree Research Lab and Arboretum

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