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The “Dean of Harry Potter Scholars” joins us in the studio during the next Charlotte Talks. John Granger is a Harry Potter pundit who has written several books about the popular JK Rowling series. He dissects the series and educates his readers on his views of the series as a work of literal alchemy, using symbolism and multiple genres as inspiration for the books and most recently has said that the books as a whole are a result of careful planning and something he calls “Ring Composition.”

John Granger
– Described by TIME as “the Dean of Harry Potter Scholars”. He’s the author of several books about the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling

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  1. Does your guest see any connection between the Harry Potter series and the writings of Joesph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, or monomyth?

  2. Is Potter’s story necessarily Christian? There are many hero’s journeys, deaths and rebirths, and similarly themed stories throughout literary/entertainment history.

    Just curious whether it is your guests own bias or something he knows for a fact?

    • J. K. Rowling spoke in an interview shortly after the release of Deathly Hallows that the books were indeed rich with “religious overtones” and she also spoke of the Christian symbolism in her novels in her interview with Oprah just a few weeks back. Definitely not Granger’s bias–straight from the author’s mouth. John Granger was really the first to identify it about 4-5 years before Rowling spoke clearly on it.

  3. What makes me think of the Harry Potter story as something that people will still love 100 years from now is that when I read them I am not thinking of the patterns and the symbolism, I am just IN the story. I am so lucky to be living in the time when these books were written and I feel honored that I can listen to the amazing Jim Dale read me a story on my mp3 player. I have never felt that about another story in my life and I can’t wait to read what else JK Rowling creates in the future.

  4. Great program! Fascinating to hear the meaning and symbolism behind the stories. My 9 yr old daughter is captivated with the series! She’s on book 5 and is disappointed that she has to interrupt the Harry Potter series in order to read the necessary books for her school’s Battle of the Books competition. She’s also very upset that we can’t make it to the Harry Potterfest at LR this weekend. She really wanted to see a Quidditch match!

  5. “Harry Potter” Christian? These schlocks will say anything to sell a book! The Rolling series was ruined for me in the first installment when Harry was taken to visit “his money”, a vault full of treasure he had inherited. If he were ugly, cruel and stupid it didn’t matter: He was RICH!!! The subconscious suggestion is that his induction into the esoteric occult and magic fraternity (Oligarchy?)is made possible by his wealth. Now if anything harmonizes with the American malaise of destructive competition, social Darwinism, treasure tales and lottery aspirations; that theme certainly does. For a long time (at least 30 years) anthropologists at Duke have observed that Western literature (and even doctoral dissertations) are hobbled and made infantile because of the heroic equation they must follow. How can anything written not conform to this expectation and remain popular among the money-crazed masses? In short, “Harry Potter” is common trash (try it when the wealth is subtracted), and anything written about it is tainted garbage pickings. If this society overcomes its insanity and survives somehow, writings and values must change completely. Magic is made possible by human cooperation and labor, as is wealth. Wealth never made magic, but bought and destroyed it. I will explain what is meant by “magic” at a later time. (Please do not poison your kids with this crap.)

    • Grady Lee Howard: If you’d read a bit farther, you’d have found several characters of merit who obtain successful magical education and heroic status without the benefit of money – most notably, Harry’s best friend and his family, and his favorite teacher. Try reading before denouncing entirely

  6. […] a great whirlwind tour here in Western NC, our headmaster spoke this morning on Charlotte Talks on NPR.  The conversation was super, and you can listen to the podcast if you didn’t catch it this […]

  7. […] a great whirlwind tour here in Western NC, our headmaster spoke that dawn on Charlotte Talks on NPR.  The conversation was super, and you can listen to the podcast whether you didn’t catch it […]

  8. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Charlotte Talks, John. John said: RT @CharlotteTalks: Today: Harry Potter Scholar John Granger shares his insight on the structure and importance of the Harry Potter novels. http://ow.ly/2YVbi […]

  9. […] a great whirlwind tour here in Western NC, our headmaster spoke this morning on Charlotte Talks on NPR.  The conversation was super, and you can listen to the podcast if you didn’t catch it this […]

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