Monday October 25, 2010 | Michael O’Hanlon and Afghanistan

October 22, 2010 at 2:26 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 1 Comment

You’ve probably seen Michael O’Hanlon from the Brookings Institution speak about Afghanistan during Sunday morning news shows on television or in his occasional articles in major newspapers. He aims to explain the current strategy in Afghanistan and debunk common myths about the country and its people. Most recently, he’s written a book that looks at the current situation there called “Toughing It Out In Afghanistan”, which he wrote with an Afghan-American. He’s coming to Charlotte to speak about Afghanistan and his thoughts on whether the US will be successful with its mission there, but before that, he talks to us, on the next Charlotte Talks.

Michael O’Hanlon
– Director of Research and Senior Fellow of Foreign Policy, Director of Research for the 21st Century Defense Initiative at the Brookings Institute. He’s also the co-author of “Toughing it out in Afghanistan”

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  1. Yesterday – on Fareed Zakaria’s show, I think – a guest stated that the Taliban are now willing to talk because they are starting to lose. The host agreed.

    Also, it is entirely proper to use the form “Mr. Obama” except in a formal setting. Even the military uses the form “The Honoable Mr. ____” when introducing government officials in form settings. The use of Mister goes back to Washington who rejected suggestions to have a more lofty way of addressing him, preferring the more egalitarian “Mr. President”. It is frequently used and is not an insult, but rather a tradition that reflects our democratic values.

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