Friday October 22, 2010 | Midterm Elections

October 21, 2010 at 6:01 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 9 Comments

Many experts say the upcoming midterm elections could mark an almost historic changeover in seats in the house and congress. The Tea Party continues to influence campaigns and many new faces are appearing on political signs around the region. Political attack ads are as virulent as ever and, here in Charlotte, there is a very contentious race among district court judge candidates and voters will elect the first new District Attorney in over thirty years. We have assembled three political experts to talk about the upcoming election and the changes it could bring.

Jim Morrill
– Political writer, Charlotte Observer
Dr. Michael Bitzer – Chair, History and Politics at Catawba College
Dr. Scott Huffmon – Assoc. Professor of Political Science at Winthrop University

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  1. Mike:

    Wonderful program, as usual, this morning.

    As someone who got their start literally “on the bus” with Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980, I find the current leadership and voices moving the GOP frightening.

    They are clearly squandering the legacies of Goldwater, Reagan and Kemp. Sarah Palin, Gingrich, Beck et al are more in line with Jesse Helms than the Gipper.

    As a South Carolina resident when looking to Columbia I see a GOP that has made a laughing stock of our state. The Governor abandons the state and lies about it-still there-, the Lt. Governor compares poor people to stray animals and calls working people fat & lazy-still there-we had the Republican State Treasurer convicted of a major cocaine offense-not a peep fom the GOP leadership over his very light sentence.

    At least we have a decent, dedicated and honest fellow in John Spratt. Given what has been going on in Columbia why would we send a GOP State Senator to Washington?

    • excellent and insightful show, thank u

  2. As I watched the debate last night, I was STUNNED when Sen. Burr said the Iraqi people are free. I’m not sure what his idea of freedom is. I’m voting for Elaine Marshall, my husband was on the fence, that comment sealed the deal for him to vote for Marshall.

    Also, does anyone know why the 9th district can’t get a descent challenger to Sue Myrick? It’s so disappointing.

    If people actually listened to Obama on the campaign trail, they’ll know he did not run on a strictly liberal agenda.

    • Vote the BURRum out! we havein’ a TEA Party!

  3. TARP is a moot point because the money has been paid back and, as Mike points out, with a return. There are plenty of people on Fox (in fact most) that say TARP worked. The “stimulus” bill ($814 billion) is a different story. It did not work and the “it would have been worse” argument is laughable. It can be applied to TARP but even there we don’t know for sure. Obama has added $3 trillion to the debt in 2 years. That’s plum crazy. He did not reduce the debt with money paid back from TARP. As it stands now everyone will get tax hike because of a gutless Congress. Our president says Republicans are holding a non-existent bill “hostage”. He has to say that because there are too many Democrats in favor of extending ALL the tax cuts. If you look at the OMB numbers you can see the remarkable spike in revenue caused by the Bush tax cuts after the sharp decline from the bursting dot com bubble in 2000. Then 9/11 hit us. We have Obamacare that will further add to the debt and companies are dropping their health coverage right and left because of the added cost. Cap and trade is coming down the pike and that will add ywt more debt. The blame lies squarely on Obama and his rubber stamp Congress. Where am I wrong?

    • Trickle down Reaganomics or Voo-Doo economics? Is the glass half full or half empty and “Just Say No” GOP. Greenspan and Stockman both missed the boat. at least they are honest enough to say so! When we don’t have an answer we blame the President. That be Bush 2.

      • Trickle down Reaganomics or Voo-Doo economics?

        That’d be the former.

        Is the glass half full or half empty…

        The real question is why is the glass twice as big at it needs to be?

        “Just Say No”

        Just say hell no!

        When we don’t have an answer we blame the President.

        When a President with a majority Congress spends more in 2 years that every other previous President combined, yer dern tootin’ I blame him. The answer isn’t hard and spending isn’t it. Most of us saw this coming.

  4. YOU all sound like a bunch of elitists. Who do you think you are? You are indeed sounding like highly paid academics who never ran a business or created a pay roll.

    O, and by the way, whatever happened to the US Constitution as a governing principle? When did the Constitution go down the tubes?

    Who would you like to be running for office, why, someone just like you, correct?

    • they maybe be elitist, but i bet they know more about the American Constitution than you do. Sen Sam Ervin was a democrat and that is good enough for me! The Republican party is bankrupt and the TEA party a bunch of bullies. How can the TEA party so worship the constitution and so hate what it hath wrought? You are just a sentimental conservative & life too short to live in a TEA Party funk created by FOX-News. Roger Ales & Rupert Murdock fear mongering on F(freaking) O(out) X(xenophobes)TV.

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