Wednesday Oct 13 | Dr. Margaret Flowers & Healthcare Reform

October 11, 2010 at 10:43 am | Posted in Coming Up | 5 Comments

As the current administration’s health care reforms begin to take effect there are many political pundits who are pushing back against what they say are overly large and expensive programs. But they are not the only folks who don’t see the reforms as a panacea. There are thousands of doctors and many more U.S. citizens who think the reforms don’t go far enough. A leading voice of that contingent is Dr. Margaret Flowers. She has testified in Washington that Medicare should be extended to all citizens and that a single payer plan is the only way to fix spiraling health care costs. Dr. Flowers joins us to explain.

Dr. Margaret Flowers
– Member, Physicians for a National Health Program
*Photo Courtesy: Dr. Margaret Flowers (pictured right.)

Dr. Flowers’ Speaking Engagements (Wednesday 10/13) All free events.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Charlotte Talks, Charlotte Talks. Charlotte Talks said: Wednesday: Dr. Margaret Flowers & Health Care. She says the reforms don't go far enough. What do you want to ask her? […]

  2. An individual can go years without healthcare but it is deemed by some as a right. We can go a couple of days without water but it is not considered a right. Stop paying your water bill for a few days and see what happens. How about utilities? A couple of days without heat in the winter and one will die. Utilities are not a right. One can go on and on about commodities more important than healthcare.

  3. I wonder why people continue to pay their health insurance premiums? If everyone fired their insurance company, wouldn’t the industry be forced to become customer focused instead of profit driven to the point of complete failure to provide coverage for which we are paying in the first place?

  4. Most of the world does NOT have single payer!!! Many European countries have a choice between private insurance! Non profit private insurance with cost control. It is called the “Bismarck model” after the German program.

  5. I’m so thrilled Dr. Flowers is still out there advocating Medicare for all!!!I wrote my representatives continually about this,and they had all kinds of excuses, actually never answering my questions, but stating their views etc. etc. I’m going to start all over again doing this letter writing! They don’t seem to understand the difference between socialism and what Dr. Flowers is advocating. They have closed minds!!! I suppose insurance companies are paying for their campaigns!

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