Tuesday October 12, 2010 | US Senate Candidate Mike Beitler

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Last month, we were joined by US Senate Candidate and North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall. One of her two opponents in the race for the US Senate will join us on the next Charlotte Talks – Libertarian Candidate Dr. Mike Beitler from Guilford County. A former banker-turned-teacher-turned-consultant, Dr. Beitler also hosts an internet radio program that focuses on Libertarian issues. We’ll talk with Candidate Beitler about why he decided to run for US Senate, about his take on all the issues, and what he thinks will make him the best choice for US Senator from North Carolina.

Dr. Mike Beitler
– Candidate for US Senate (Libertarian)

*Senator Richard Burr has been offered equal time on WFAE but thus far has declined.

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Video: Burr / Marshall Debate

Monday, October 11:  Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr and Democratic challenger Elaine Marshall participated in a live one-hour debate at the University of North Carolina Television studios. NPR’s Carl Kasell moderated. Debate sponsored by The North Carolina Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation. Video provided by WRAL.

US Senate Candidate Debate



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  1. Can the candidate please tell us what his Master and Ph.D degrees are in?

    I see from his website he’s for individual rights, does that include abortion and gay rights?

    Lastly, how does the candidate feel about being on public radio, which does get a teensy bit of Federal funding?

    Glad to see he wants out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

  2. Okay, what schools did he get the degrees from? Thank you.

  3. Would your guest consider working with the TEA party for a political run in NC?

  4. He claims to be a finance person, so I have this question:
    what is his stance on the legality of flash trading? It is a nice tool for businesses that can afford to be located close to the exchange and pay the fee to perform the trades, but it puts a strain on the small/medium investors.

  5. The libertarians tend to be against the work of the EPA. They say that you should be able to do what you want as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others. Is clean air, is unpolluted water, is an unspoiled land a right? All land, air and water are connected. You can not despoil them on your “property” without impacting others around you, or future generations who may own the land in the future.

    The Koch brothers (a primary funding resource for Libertarian causes) have a history of significant pollution, impacting many people, and they are trying to gut or destroy the EPA.

  6. Hate to pick a nit, but he’s not listed as a Doctor at the Byan School of Business website.

  7. We dissolve Social Security and put our 401 k in the U.S. stock equity mkts and let the auto maker’s go bankrupt. Shareholders lose their retirement?

  8. Tax breaks for gov’t religion would be eliminated?

  9. I support a national military draft for all 18 year old citizens.

  10. Koch Bros are synonmous w/ TEA Party. Or do we know the sources of TEA Party funding.

  11. Colin Powell has it right on North American immigration.

  12. I once heard the Libertarian candidate for President say that the way to address pollution is through the laws against trespass. Nice idea, but those who would be in position to enforce those laws are in the pockets of the polluters. It seems the Libertarians are as far from the real world in one direction as Karl Marx was in the other direction.

    He kept talking about taxes killing jobs. Then why is it–in the real world where we actually live and work–recessions ALWAYS follow tax cuts for the rich. And why is it that the periods of highest prosperity in this country are periods of higher taxation?

    • when the amount of money available is skewed to the rich the poor have no money to spend and the real economy tanks. It happened in 1928 and it happened again in 2008. if it were not for gov’t social nets (entitlements) we would have another depression today. ayn rand is bankrupt. Bill Gates Sr has it right on taxation. When the poorest population pays 9% of income in taxes and the wealthiest pay only 2% — look out.

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