Friday Sept. 24, 2010 | Paganism in Our Region

September 22, 2010 at 3:53 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 46 Comments

A sacrifice found at the centre of Nine Ladies in Derbyshire, England.

When we speak of religion and belief systems in our region, we tend to think of Christianity, Judaism or Islam but a large and growing number of our residents are inspired by religious practices far older than any Abrahamic faith. There are pagans, witches and heathens among us and they are becoming more vocal in defense of their faith and the legitimacy of their belief systems. We will meet a few of these folks to learn more about some of the earliest traditions in humankind.

Reverend Tony Brown
– Ordained reverend of a North American Wiccan church
Heather Darnell – Witch, member of the Reclaiming Tradition
Corbie Williams – Heathen, member of The Troth

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