Friday Sept. 17, 2010 | US Senate Candidate Elaine Marshall

September 15, 2010 at 11:07 am | Posted in Coming Up | 10 Comments

Join us for a special interview with US Senate Candidate Elaine Marshall. We’ll be broadcasting live to cities across North Carolina from the stage of Spirit Square’s McGlohon Theater in Uptown Charlotte. We’ll talk to Candidate Marshall about her take on all the important issues, what she thinks makes her qualified to be a US Senator from North Carolina, and ask her questions directly from citizens around the state.
Elaine Marshall
– Candidate for US Senate

WFAE has offered Senator Richard Burr the same opportunity to speak with public radio listeners across North Carolina, but thus far he and his campaign have declined.

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  1. Disappointed to see that the GOP candidate has declined to speak. Lately, the national news coverage and talk shows on WFAE have been pretty heavily weighted towards people talking about Republicans. There have been very few Republicans talking about themselves or Republicans talking about Democrats. Glad to see that Mike tried to even the score a bit.

    – murr –

    • Seems that the only way to get a sitting republican to open up to interviews is an appearance on Fox or RW radio.
      Burr is my rep but I get no responses to any of my contact attempts.

      • Somebody should tell Burr that FOX-News is an entertainment show. Vote the BURRum out! Are you registered as a Republican? I can tell you he only responds in the manner of the “Republican line” to a particular position. I bet he is a member of the secret Capitol Hill “Family”.

  2. What will you do to help strengthen Non-Profit Organizations?

  3. Opinion on the Dream Act?

  4. When are WFAE and “Charlotte Talks” going to realize that the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (S 510), as co-sponsored and co-managed by Sen. Burr, is a very important issue for NC and the entire country?

    Charlotte’s local, healthy food scene has been the topic of many shows on “Charlotte Talks,” but the fact that the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (S 510) will dramatically, negatively impact local, healthy food didn’t merit a question.

    Carolina Farm Stewardship Assn. (CFSA) and 12 other NC based grassroots organizations have been working for over a year to amend S 510 to protect local, healthy food from S 510’s industrial-size-only approach to food safety. Sen. Kay Hagan has joined Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) in cosponsoring amendments to keep these new regulations from being applied to small growers, packers, processors & distributors for which they are inappropriate, unneeded and crippling.

    The question I submitted on S 510 would have given WFAE’s listeners the opportunity to learn that Elaine Marshall was raised on a farm, has a brother who is a farmer, supports Tester-Hagan and why she supports it. By himself, Sen. Burr could cause the Tester-Hagan amendments to be included in S 510 but still has not done so.

    Why should Sen. Burr, when the news media, WFAE included, shows no interest in it?

    Local, healthy food may survive if the Burr version of S 510 passes, but it will no longer thrive. The growth of the availability of local food in Charlotte will slow and then stagnate. The movement of people from cities to rural areas to become farmers will dwindle to a trickle.

    WFAE still has an opportunity to cover the issue of S 510 while there is still time to act. I hope the WFAE will choose to do so.

    • “The movement of people from cities to rural areas to become farmers will dwindle to a trickle.”

      Where is this occurring? How can I be a part of this?

      I’ve seen or heard of no movement away from the cities/suburbs back on to farms and ranches even though this would be an excellent way to massively reduce unemployment – on the contrary, the opposite seems to be occurring due to lack of jobs and opportunities in most rural areas and far-flung small towns, with most of the American population being forced by various circumstances to relocate in to cities and their associated suburbs (what are often called emerging “Megaregions” –

  5. Thanks to harry hamil for his comments. This seems a critical point about legislation and I am glad to know about it since I go to a farmers market, Yorkmont, every saturday of the year. Help to get the issue out by having a program or at least part ofa program on the subject.

  6. What is Elaine Marshall going to do to prevent North Carolina from turning in a desert? (yes, a desert) Because of the massive deforestation of this state throughout the centuries, especially in the last few decades of explosive population growth, the climate of NC is becoming MUCH more dry and arid, and many parts of the state are seeing the initial stages of desertification. This is also evident in other Southeastern states as well.

    Would she be willing to sponsor a statewide reforestation/afforestation program to prevent the further desertification of NC? Would she be willing to work with other Southern states to reforest land wherever possible to prevent this region of the USA from slowly turning in to a desert in the coming centuries?

    “The forest-clad hills were denuded. ‘The decline of the Roman Empire is a story of deforestation, soil exhaustion and erosion,’ wrote Mr. G. V. Jacks in The Rape of the Earth. ‘From Spain to Palestine there are no forests left on the Mediterranean littoral, the region is pronouncedly arid instead of having the mild humid character of forest-clad land, and most of its former bounteously rich top-soil is lying at the bottom of the sea.'” –

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