Wednesday Sept. 15, 2010 | Chef Ozzie & Child Obesity

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Chef Ozzie & Child Obesity
He went from summers cooking at Burger King to participating in Michele Obama’s “Chefs Move to Schools.”  I’m talking about Johnson and Wales University graduate Chef Ozzie, a regular on Lifetime TV’s morning show, The Balancing Act.  In fact, he’s all about balance and helping young people fight obesity with healthy substitutions to their diet. Chef Ozzie joins us to talk about food, nutrition and chef’s adopting local schools.
Don Godleski
– “Chef Ozzie”

  • Event  |  Chef Ozzie will speak about childhood obesity at the Southern Women’s Show on 9/17 at 12:30 pm. Details.

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  1. Please stop saying it’s more expensive to eat fresh fruits and veggies. Apples these days are huge, one is enough for 2-3 people. If you buy the 3 lb. bag the apples are smaller and less expensive. A head of broccoli or a bag of unpeeled carrots serve a lot more than one meal or snack. You can buy 5 bags of chips or whatever junk food for that same price.

    And, what do you think of the proposed renaming of high fructose corn syrup to corn sugar?

    Thank you.

  2. Hey Mike–

    Cheap food that is good for you: pinto beans and cornbread.

    People used to eat it everyday. Now that I’m working and feeding the family on a tight budget, I know why.

    Connie Adams

  3. My boys have always eaten lots of vegetables and fruit because we served them those from the time they could eat them. Babies do develop tastes for things they are served early on. They didn’t have to “clean their plates,” but they did have to eat several bites of new things or else dessert was not served. What we served for dinner was what they ate — our home was not a “short order restaurant” with meals catered to different kids’ likes, as some families we knew. If you didn’t want to eat what was on the table, there were not substitutions of snacks or junky foods, and you waited until the next meal.

  4. Mike, Todays show was (as always) very informative and interesting! I can relate to much of Chef Ozzie’s views because I grew up for the better protion of my young adult life as an obese child. I lost 145 lbs. on Weight Watchers and was so thankful for the change it brought to my life. I hope your program successfully reached the ears and hearts of those who have obese children, no matter what their age.

  5. I work for Earth Fare (Healthy Supermarket)and we are doing a lot to help prevent childhood obesity. I would love to share specific information about the innovative programs we have.

    ~ Jennifer Tremblay

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