Wednesday Sept. 8 | Gantt Center & African American Art

September 3, 2010 at 9:19 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

The Harvey B. Gantt Center & African American Art
Charlotte has become home to a number of important art museums and the Harvey B. Gantt Center is no exception. The center is poised to become a repository of African American Art and two upcoming exhibits will only reinforce that distinction. We are joined by the consulting curator of the museum as well as one of the most accomplished abstractionists in today’s art world. African American art represents talent, history and cultural importance in our region and we’ll cover it all.
Dr. Michael Harris
– Consulting Curator, Harvey B. Gantt Center
Sam Gilliam – Abstract Artist

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  1. I wonder if art by white immigrants from Africa will be featured, they would be “African-Americans” wouldn’t they? How about blacks from the Caribbean that have no African Ancestors? I’d rather judge art on it’s merits than by the skin color of the artist.

    I hate the term “African-American”. It divides us further.

    • Interesting you choose to see the term as one that “divides.” I have always seen it as one that embraces and broadens. An acknowledgment and inclusion of two worlds: America and America. Like sky of moon and stars. Or a glass of chocolate and milk. Or a breakfast of cheese and grits. Okay, now I’m hungry.

      • Val,

        In order to use your comment on the air, I wanted to make sure I was clear on the content. Did you mean “Africa and America” in the 3rd sentence or “America and America” as written

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