Tuesday Sept. 7, 2010 | Nazi POWs in North Carolina

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Nazi POWs in North Carolina
In World War II, North Carolina held more than 10,000 prisoners of war who were Nazis in camps all around the state. A traveling exhibit (pictured above) that puts that history into a national context arrives in Charlotte next week for a one day stay. We’ll talk to experts, including the curator of the national traveling exhibit, about why these POWs were sent to North Carolina, how long they stayed and what happened to them when the war ended.
Robert Billinger
– Professor of History at Wingate University and author of Nazi POWs in the Tarheel State
Irving Kellman – Curator of the traveling exhibit, Nazi POWs in the Tarheel State
Sally Robinson – Civilian, has memories of POWs at work in Charlotte

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  1. Antisemitism is still to this day a huge problem. We hear all about anti Muslim sentiments but there are 10 times more hate crimes directed at jews.

  2. Would the guest address the issue of Nazi pow’s being permitted to go places in these camps and do things blacks, example, swim in the pool with other whites. Blacks could only use the pool when the water was going to be changed. My husband was stationed in Fla. and this happen to him. He talked about how all the blacks were treated worse than ANY of the pow’s. He also talked about guarding some of the prisoners with NO bullets in his gun!

  3. World War 2 – a pointless and unnecessary war, the consequences of which are leading to the death of The West: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Churchill,_Hitler_and_the_Unnecessary_War

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