Wednesday August 25, 2010 | Back to School

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Associate Superintendent Guy Chamberlain and other planning officials at Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools adapt every year to construction, planning and population changes, and this year is no different. Just three years ago the system was so crowded that hundreds of mobile classrooms were needed. Now the opposite is true and the system has two new schools as well. We’ll talk about changes at CMS first and then we talk to enrollment expert Brian Ralph from Queen’s University of Charlotte. He will share some exciting research about lifelong influences and connections that are developed in the first year of college. It’s back to school when Charlotte Talks.
Guy Chamberlain
– Assoc. Superintendent, Auxiliary Services, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
Brian Ralph – Vice President, Enrollment Management at Queens University of Charlotte

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  1. Mike:

    Let’s not forget that so called good, or at least better, race relations came to Charlotte later than the early 60s. After sit ins, much violence, resistence from the whites and heavy handedness from the white police & authorities.

    Then in Rock Hill,SC-just a few miles South-the resistence lasted as long as in Selma with much violence.

    I thought it was interesting that one of your guests credited the change in race relations here to the large influce of northerners. I find that tooo many of the local whites still harbor rather old racial attitudes.

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