Tuesday August 24, 2010 | The NEW New South

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WUNC’s The State of Things and WFAE’s Charlotte Talks join forces to talk about today’s definition of the South, and specifically, North Carolina. There was once “The NEW South,” but with so many business, economic, political and cultural changes across the region, it looks like the “NEW SOUTH” is evolving into something else, whether it’s in Charlotte via the banking industry or the Triangle in the realm of science and technology, or beyond. This hour we’ll talk about some of the ways that North Carolina is helping to redefine the face of the South.
Dr. Tom Hanchett
– Staff Historian, Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte
Dr. David Goldfield – Robert Lee Bailey Professor of History at UNC Charlotte
Dr. Kerry Haynie – Associate Professor of Political Science at Duke University
Rick Rothacker – Financial Reporter, The Charlotte Observer and Author, Banktown: The Rise and Struggles of Charlotte’s Big Banks
Justin Catanoso – Executive Editor, The Triad Business Journal in Greensboro

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  1. I have just finished reading “The Race Beat” by Gene Roberts and Hank Klibanoff. It is a gripping account of the role of the press during the horrific events that took place in the south in the past 40 years or more. Among these are numerous murders that remain unsolved despite a wealth of evidence that could be used for indictments. This also despite legislation “requiring” disposition of these cases.

    There can never truly be a “New South” until the unfinished business of the “Old South” is dealth with.

  2. The map above is incorrect. It does not include Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri, all of which are traditionally Southern states. Many would also include Oklahoma.

  3. With the near-unending influx of tens of millions of immigrants from the 2nd and 3rd world in recent decades, The South is actually moving backwards, slipping in to 2nd world – and eventually 3rd world – status. You already see this occurring in southern California along with parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, and now the various traditional Southern states such as Georgia, South Carolina, etc where huge numbers of 2nd/3rd world immigrants are settling and congregating.

    The stupidly idealistic federal and state governmental authorities expect that 2nd and 3rd world peoples can magically become 1st worlders if only you give them enough aid, enough subsidies, enough ‘education,’unending food stamps, free reduced housing (Section 8 rent, etc), and so on, but they are sadly mistaken. Eventually they will revert to their own civilizational norms, which are clearly far below 1st world (read: Western) standards.

    We already see the mask of civilization slipping here, and it’s going to be a long ride down a la the decline of the Roman Empire, which was also invaded by millions of barbarous people and numerically overwhelmed. These people are only being brought in to bolster flagging consumption, to keep the fake hyper-consumerist economy going, to try to grease the wheels of commerce with millions of new magical consumers which appear from nowhere, but now that this strategy is failing there isn’t much left to be done.

    In the future, assuming current trends continue, The South will unfortunately become an extension of Latin America, similar to backwards places such as Brazil. It is up to us remaining patriotic Americans to oppose these trends because we care about the continuity of Western civilization here in this corner of the world and not solely consumerism and business.

  4. I liked the procedurally innovative approach of including both halves of the state (and co-host Frank Statio who graciously commuted down). What I did not like was the “7 hound dogs baying at the Moon” approach in celebration of NC business. At a time when the Esther Vaida/Alcoa affair is being hushed up to the detriment of ecology and water equity you chose to celebrate our commercial heritage and claim bogus historical trends as economic prognostication. If the best thing you can say is that execs running big banks are globetrotters and new nuclear plants are on the way, then you have written our regional epitaph and closed the books on prosperity and acceptable life quality. The nuttiest thing said,”that an innovation by a sculptor in Winston-Salem would change our way of life” (you all pretty much agreed) shows how promoters like you-all are really grasping at straws. If you listened to the discussion on On Point about Interstate 69 (not yet built) which followed in the evening it puts your teapot tempest in perspective. In a way Charlotte and Greensboro (and so on) have been victimized and by-passed by Interstate highways which sucked the cultural life out or them and left only an anomic struggle for existence. And my last point: Please don’t congratulate yourself on race relations until you do an ethnic and age group analysis of comparative unemployment rates. Don’t you guys ever get down on the ground and see the physical condition of NC’s population. Sit at any supermarket or medical office and be astounded at how people are being allowed to rot and vegetate like unpicked fruit. The idle fruit pickers are not the aliens, but are our privileged class who have taken no responsibility for building a workable economy and culture. They (business leaders) are the ravaging barbarians pillaging their own state.

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