Friday August 20, 2010 | Political Roundtable

August 18, 2010 at 12:13 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 8 Comments

Last month, we did two shows on political conversation, one from the perspective of a liberal, and one from the conservative standpoint. Both conversations were enlightening and interesting, and each guest expressed interest in talking to each other. So today, we’ll do just that. Brenton Stransky, author of The Young Conservative’s Field Guide and Dr. David Coates, author of Answering Back: A Liberal Toolkit will join us, together, to talk about their respective political philosophies.
Brenton Stransky
– Co-author, The Young Conservative’s Field Guide and a Financial Consultant
Dr. David Coates – Author, Answering Back and Chair, Anglo-American Studies at Wake Forest University

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Charlotte Talks, Charlotte Talks. Charlotte Talks said: Tomorrow: We're bringing together the left & the right. Can you really have a rational, calm & fact-based talk on issues? […]

  2. Please ask Brent to answer a question instead of “reframing” and philosophizing. I want to know: What social programs would conservatives cut? How do we reduce the deficit? Should tax cuts on the rich expire? Would he pull the country out of Afghanistan to save money? Just answer the question! There has to be a solution.

  3. Please ask if your Conservative commentator received any assistance in his college education…
    And does he think it was fair.

  4. Mike:

    Very interesting show. As someone who was literally “on the bus” with Ronald reagan in 1976 & 1980 I find today’s GOP and conservative movement so disappointing and frankly frightening. Today’s crew is made up of the theocratic right-Jim Dobson, Pat Robertson, the anti-civil rights crew ala Rand Paul, anti-marriage equality group, these crazy birther folks, the right wing talkmasters, the ones that would really do away with social security, medicare, public education. All the while during the GOP controlled Congress and President Bush years were silent on issues of deficits, getting into foreign entanglements, free drugs for the elderly…

    I call myself a Reagan, Goldwater-Kemp Republican. That means I support this President because he is investing in the American people.

    All this talk about “natural Law” from our conservative guest. Check out info on the Natural Law Party…pretty wired stuff there.

  5. Polite conversation turns out to be much more informative (and pleasant) than listening to the blowhard extremists. Kudos to each of you for the enlightened discussion.

    p.s. Brent is right. 🙂

  6. As long as everything is couched as either “liberal” or “conservative” this whole show is a classic false dilemma fallacy AND an excellent example of ad hominem (“…that liberal policy…”) attacks.

  7. Switching to government sponsored health care will be disastrous for our health care system. By examining any of our current government systems they are all faulty and we’re only going to increase our dependency on those. If you look at Medicare or Medicaid they often do not cover a large part of procedures or tests and providers have to perform those any way to avoid the risk of getting sued. Consequently we’re placing the burden of providing this care on the providers while increasing the chance that they’re getting sued. I am definitely in favor of health care reform however I’m in favor of rooting out the inefficiencies and reducing costs so we have the ability to cover those in need, not throwing money at a problem in hopes it gets better.

  8. Mr. Stransky says the Social Security Trust Fund, invested in US Treasury Bills has no value in reality. Those T-Bills are no different than the ones bought by individuals, institutions and foreign governments. Also, by extension, a T-Bill has no basic difference in value to the $20.00 bill in your pocket. Both have value based on the full faith and credit of the US government.
    That basis has promoted the US dollar to the one and only reserve currency in this world.
    If the T-Bill, US dollar and world’s reserve currency have no value in Mr. Stransky’s world, what world is he living in?

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