Friday August 6, 2010 | Birds of Our Region

August 5, 2010 at 11:45 am | Posted in Coming Up | 6 Comments

This edition of Charlotte Talks is for the birds; all of the birds and those who love them. There is a large and diverse avian community in our region and our experts today will help us understand just how many birds live here. We’ll talk about the types of birds in our region, their habitats and how they have adapted to city life. Learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about our feathered friends.
Taylor Piephoff
– President, Carolina Bird Club
Natalie Childers – Bird Training and Education Specialist, Carolina Raptor Center

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  1. What happened to the “Bob White” birds that I used to hear while growing up in the 80’s near Park Rd shopping center?

  2. Can your guests comment on what may be the flip side of development? In my area of Fort Mill,SC I’ve noticed quaker aprrots and lovebirds in the enighborhhod. Can they adapt and breed? Is that a problem for local species?


  3. In May 2010, my wife and i saw a yellow-breasted bird in Dilworth in mile a quarter mile from Latta Park that was large (not a goldfinch)and had the forehead of a kingbird. It didn’t look like anything an eastern (Tyrannus tyrannus), or even a western kingbird. it looke most like a tropical kibbird, the breast was so brightly yellow. Could it have been a tyrannus melancholicus blown off course — an accidental?

  4. Please comment on aggressive mockingbirds. We’ve had a pair nesting near our house (Ballantyne area). I’ve been attacked by them walking out the front door or going to the mailbox.

  5. Mike asked what happened to the crows. I can tell you what happened to the crows in my neighborhood. I used to have a major problem with crows in my back yard. I installed two beehives. The bees moved in and the crows moved out. Bees don’t like anything in black.

  6. Either last Friday or Saturday you had a lady on who said she sprayed her hummingbird feeders with ???? to keep the bees off. Could anyone tell me what she used? Thank you.

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