Wednesday August 4, 2010 | History & Preservation in Area Towns

August 3, 2010 at 10:11 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

We’ve spent a lot of time on Charlotte Talks talking about history and effort, or lack of effort, in preserving Charlotte’s history. Well, many of the towns surrounding Charlotte have also been busy trying to preserve their histories. Towns like Matthews, Davidson and Pineville have been taking aggressive and sometimes controversial steps to protect their towns, and their town histories, from being swallowed up by Charlotte development and by development in general that’s not well thought out. We’ll spend the hour discussing why these individual town histories are so important and the lengths the municipalities have gone to in order to protect them.
Jim Taylor
– Mayor of Matthews NC
George Fowler – Mayor of Pineville NC
Dan Morrill – Area historian and director of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

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  1. This should be an interesting conversation!

    It was tough enough saving Charlotte’s oldest standing fire station! The effort was successful in preventing the station from falling to the wrecking ball and renovations appear to be under way. The 3 months leading up to the owner’s announcement that he would preserve the building instead of selling to a developer who would have had him knock it down was a long tough road.

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  2. I’m glad to see areas like the towns of Belmont, Mount Holly, Cramerton and McAdenville working to preserve their downtown districts and their local history. The people in Belmont and Mount Holly, especially. They feel the city of Charlotte creeping their way and fully expect an increase in development once the Great Recession lifts.

  3. Am I correct in hearing one of your commentators speak against expanding public transportation to the Pineville Matthew’s area? So historic preservation means keeping thousands of giant SUV’s careening around a small area? Have you ever driven through there on a busy day? It’s frustrating and terrifying.
    Historic Preservation is not preserving a town like taxidermy, it is valuing the beauty of existing properties, and allowing smart adaptive reuse. There are only so many museums that one area needs. If Charlotte and the surrounding areas are to become more attractive then smart development and transit is a must.
    There is a way to make it all work, and that is what the community leaders should work for. And btw, more Georgain Revival brick facade cul-de-sacs are not unique, nor historic.

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