Tuesday August 3, 2010 | Charlotte Area Transit Plan: An Update

August 2, 2010 at 10:20 am | Posted in Coming Up | 2 Comments

Last week, top executives from Charlotte Area Transit and others traveled to Washington, DC to lobby for funding and other aide as they are updating our regions transit plans. We’ll find out about the results of that trip, the latest update on the transit plan, learn more about the funding process behind the streetcar project and more.
Carolyn Flowers
– Chief Executive, Cats
Natalie English
– Senior Vice-President of Public Policy, Charlotte Chamber

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  1. The intersection of Routes 29 and 49 is currently undergoing construction. Are the changes for the Northeast Lynx line included in this current construction or will this need to be torn up again in a few years for the line?

  2. New FB group supporting the Charlotte Streetcar and further expansion of the Light Rail system. Charlotte should aggressively pursue expansion of our mass transit systems. Put on your wide angle glasses for once folks. See beyond next week, next year.

    Atlanta and other cities are keeping a close eye on us. I kind of like our being the one to watch. “Now ya’ll wanna see somethin!? Watch THIS!”


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