Tuesday July 20, 2010 | CMS Comprehensive Review

July 16, 2010 at 10:30 am | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

The CMS Board of Education has launched a comprehensive review of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools called “The Case for Continuous Improvement”. The multi-faceted review began last month with a series of community forums where the public could share their opinions and ideas with members of the school board. We’ll talk about the results from the first round of forums, about why this review is happening now, and what board members hope the comprehensive review will accomplish.
Eric Davis
– Chairman of the Board of Education for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
Kathy Ridge – President and Executive Director of MeckEd (Mecklenburg Citizens for Public Education)

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  1. What is the actual goal of the comprehensive review? Are you planning to revamp the entire assignment system as it now exists–i.e., starting from scratch? If so, do you think the public understands this? Initially it appeared that you were planning on setting up guidelines for future assignment issues, as new schools were built. However, many now suspect that you want to re-do the whole plan, using a socio-economic component. If this is indeed your intention, why has the public not been informed of this?

    Additionally–test scores released yesterday show continuing improvement. Why would we want to change course as we make progress?

  2. As a previous member of the CMS Equity Committee, I know that there are some Board members who want to return to busing for diversity. This would be so tumultuous for the community. And, given that Wake County has bused for diversity and their poorest kids’ achievement scores are lower than CMS, what would be the purpose of busing?

  3. Also, why did Kathy Ridge seem to be so proud of reduced our achievement gap when she stated that White scores have remained the same? That should not be a proud moment because one of our student groups are stagnating.

  4. CMS has approximately. 20,000 employees. Less than half are teachers. With the 600 employees released about 90% were teachers. Why the imbalance?

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