Monday July 19, 2010 | Video Gaming Ban

July 15, 2010 at 12:19 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 9 Comments

The North Carolina legislature has just completed a long-fought task of banning video sweepstakes games in the state but gaming industry advocates say the fight is not over. Lawsuits are planned and critics say technology continues to outpace gaming legislation. The industry generates $700 million a year in the state but gaming opponents say the people who play can least afford it. We’ll look at the video gaming battles in North and South Carolina and whether the latest ban has a chance to succeed.
Rep. Ray Rapp
– NC Representative (District 118)
Brad Crone – President, Campaign Connections
Frank Quinn – Therapist, Researcher in Addictions field

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  1. What does it matter if they can least afford it? It’s their own fault for playing. It’s only legal if the state takes your money?

    • What addictions do you indulge, Phillip? Are they costly? Does costly imply manly?
      Gambling is not too different than meth addiction, only another self-medication alternative in an increasingly depressed world. Wagering churns chemicals in the brain just like forbidden (incest, pedophilia, heterosexual homo games) sex. Join in anywhere…

  2. I listened to Ms. Lopez’s statement about women’s images in the movies with interest, because a few nights ago I rented the movie Crank 2. After a few minutes it’s totally sexist view of women became blatanly obvious, and I turned it off. I thought I should have been warned by a rating system, like the curent one that alerts you to violence, sexual content, etc., so that I wouldn’t have wasted my money. Is there such a system, and if so why not?

    • D. -Tell me about Crank I.
      Wrong page.

  3. “We are a free enterprise nation. We believe in people trying to make money by whatever means…”

    It seems to me that such an attitude is the primary cause of our quality of life decline as a conglomeration of communities. Legislators and regulators have been lax and uninformed when it comes to their responsibility as socio-cultural engineers.

    The gross product school of prosperity measures only capital velocity and agglomeration. It fails to gauge the corrosive effects of scams and manipulations that produce nothing while overloading the social service capacity of our communities. Gambling and porn on the Internet are killing our society. Regulation and social responsibility must be exercised. We have neglected to give our citizens the sophistication and survival tools to deal with potential addictions. As for outlet placement these scams prey on the weak just like dealing crack in inner city Los Angeles, Ca. You can read it in their business plans and models. Our economy is eating itself alive starting at the tail end.

  4. I’m wondering where those gambling site stats came from, how they were collected and compiled, and by whom? How do they know long and how many times a patron frequents any particular spot? If by survey, how do we know the answers were truthful? How do we know they weren’t at a half dozen different places in the course of a week? Stats are pretty ambiguous unless it is know who compiled them and how they did so. Oops. I see I’m too late. Too far from my keyboard…

    • When it comes to asking vital questions it is never too late. If you believe those surveys you’ll believe the seafloor leak near the cap is a natural seep.

  5. All these lawmakers try to tell us how we must spend our money. We don’t have a choice anymore. I’ve seen people spend all their paychecks on scratch off tickets in one day what is the difference in playing the sweepstakes and loosing all your money on scratch off tickets.It’s allright if we do that but it’s not right if we play sweepstakes. come on who is kidding whome here. I bet all the people that are aginst this if given a chance would be in vagas or harrahs now wouldn’t they? Stop being so dumb and regulate it and help these teachers keep their jobs. Why would they put so many people out of work and make the unemployment rate go up higher? this makes no sence to me. Leave them alone and give them a right to work atleast they are trying to support their families and not standing in welfair or unemployment lines. Or is this what lawmakers want!!!!!

  6. To keep gambling addicts’ families out of food bank and emergency aid lines wages would have to be garnished. They’re either gambling away their pay or trying to support their families; you can’t have it both ways. That’s illogic that originates in repeating catch phrases. Linda Arrowood is obsessed with the type of liberty-freedom that would allow her to pay 300% to a payday lender or resort to turning tricks at Holiday Inn Express. We’ve lost the illusion of morality and now must resort to regulation so the old economic alligator doesn’t eat from the tail up to the eyes. A short term liberty-freedom may amount to exercise of teenager crankiness and doom the possessor to perpetual peonage. What gaming parlor do you frequent linda? What does it “do” for you? When I talk to s chainsmoker about smoking I’m talking to Nicotine. When I talk to a cokehead about cocaine I’m talking to cocaine. When correspondents who are hooked on gaming write in they voice wagering addiction. The proponents who stand to gain are cruel manipulative liars.

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