Friday July 16, 2010 | WFAE’s Julie Rose & Josefina Lopez

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Part One: WFAE’s Julie Rose on her Trip to the Gulf
We talk to several accomplished women today. First, a conversation with WFAE’s own news reporter, Julie Rose. She recently spent time in the gulf region to report for WFAE and NPR. She shares what she witnessed there.
Julie Rose
– Reporter, WFAE News

Part Two: Josefina Lopez and Real Women Have Curves
Then we meet Josefina Lopez, author of Real Women Have Curves. Her play has been made into a movie and became a symbol of empowerment for Latina women everywhere. She is in town for a CAST production of her play. Director Adyana De La Torre joins us as well.
Josefina Lopez
– Playwright and Co-screenwriter, Real Women Have Curves
Adyana De La Torre – Director, CAST production, Real Women Have Curves

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  1. Josefina Lopez must exude a formidable presence to get an old mike jock and thespian that flustered. I haven’t ever heard Mike Collins stammer so much. (Did she make you prove your “citizenship?)

  2. We may lose Julie to the big leagues soon just like Simone Orendine.

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