Wednesday July 14, 2010 | Bruce Feiler & The Council of Dads

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When New York Times Bestselling author Bruce Feiler was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago, he worried about how his death would affect his children. So he quickly assembled six men from different phases of his life and asked for their help at providing fatherly guidance if needed- he calls them “The Council of Dads.” We’ll talk to Bruce Feiler about his experiences with cancer and fatherhood.
Bruce Feiler
– Author of The Council of Dads

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  1. I am almost done reading his book Council of Dads and greatly enjoying it. Highly recommended reading. (In fact, I just recommended it to Scott Graf last week without knowing of Mr. Feiler’s appearance.) Will he be making any public appearances while he is in Charlotte? I would love to have a chance to meet him.

  2. He does not currently have any events scheduled in Charlotte. We’ll be talking to him from NPR in New York. Feel free to post questions for him from his book or in general, we could incorporate them in tomorrow’s show. Or of course, you could call for the live show at 9am. 704.926.9323 Thanks. /Erin

  3. This is a very interesting concept but what does a mom do when the dad is estranged (no contact)…how do you pick men for your kids? Groups like Big Brother I’ve found to be a joke, really not finding matches for my sons. I want them to be exposed to well adjusted, successful men but don’t have exposure to them (other than my own father). How do you approach people or…maybe a girlfriends husband you don’t know very well, or the father of one of you son’s friends, to include my kids in their life? They don’t seem interested when I’ve just suggested they bring my son along when they go fishing, etc.

    Thansk, Jennifer
    Matthews, NC

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