Thursday July 1, 2010 | On the Grid

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We meet North Carolina author Scott Huler, who has written about everything from NASCAR to the death penalty, and from bikini wax to the airline industry. His latest book, On the Grid is a look at the wires, pipes, utility poles, cell towers and other systems that shape our society. We’ll talk about his research, what he learned, and about the state of our infrastructure through his eyes.
Scott Huler
– Author of several books, On the Grid is his latest

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  1. I install a water filter for my whole house and every time I change the filter every 3 month. The filter is so durty that I find hard to believe we have drinkable water in Charlotte, Is it really drinkable an how come?


  2. Since we are on the subject of the grid . . and water . . let me just add that Fluoride is harmful and should not, I repeat NOT, be added to our water supply. It was added in the concentration camps during the Holocaust to keep the prisoners docile. There is a ‘skull and crossbones’ on every bag they criminally dump into the water that we, and our children, drink. I believe this is being done on purpose, by something known in NON MAINSTREAM MEDIA circles as the Global Elite (the folks who want a New World Order). Fluoride keeps calcium from being properly absorbed and leads to bone cancer. And it makes us complacent.

    While I am on my soap box . .let me just expound . . . This Global Elite is also poisoning us with GMO foods like high fructose corn syrup and the dangerous neuor-toxin, aspartame is added to our gum and mints, thanks to the uber-evil, money-grubbing Don Rumsfeld. The FDA is NOT responsible and do not care about us. Neither does FEMA. Neither cares for your family’s safety. They are puppet organizations for the Global Elite. Both Republicans and Democrats are puppets of this New World Order. The Global Elite want us fighting amongst ourselves so our attention is taken away from the criminal activities they are participating in, like 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombings, the Gulf Oil Criminal Act . . all false flag events to bring about a police state, to bring about a carbon tax . whatever crime they need to perpetrate . . to precede their New World Order.

    The money for our infrastructure is being LOOTED by the Federal Reserve. THAT is where the money is going that we would be using . . . to fix our storm drains and to fix our “grid”. Charlotte, North Carolina . . for those of you who are not awake to the source of our world’s problems . . wake up to the New World Order . . educate yourselves!

    • Have you met Grady Lee Howard?

    • Get around fluoridation by drinking bottled water only, buying a reverse osmosis system for drinking water, or putting your house on well water. You can also get around ingesting too much chlorine and/or chloramine by doing the same.

      They put fluoride in the water to keep our teeth from rotting because modern Americans eat such a horrible diet full of sugar, empty carbs, pasta, white bread, pizza, corn syrup, and so on – those are the foods that rot your teeth the quickest and are in very many processed foods: hence the need for fluoridation so that Americans will keep their teeth past 30.

      • By the way, did you know that fluoridation is a Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids? There is a movies about this Commie plot, check it out:

        But seriously, you are correct about the FED though. It is an international racket composed of a cartel of private banks which charge the U.S. government to print its own money. It should be abolished ASAP: read Ron Paul’s book END THE FED.

  3. OK, let me rub it in. Toilet paper contains PCBs. Use a washcloth and soak it in diluted bleach between wipes. Beth is right to be skeptical but has not been reflective enough about her hurried research. She has the trends but slurs the facts. Gregg slurs the facts mostly by cherrypicking sources but misses the trends. I disagree with Beth on a (carbon) emissions and fuel tax. We should be accumulating capital to build new sustainable energy systems with this revenue. We could add “gas stamps” to the Food Assistance card for the poor and unemployed. We have to stop building an ever larger underclass just so the barely educated can feel superior.

    I think it would be good to get a composting toilet and quit defecating in the source of our drinking water. I think coloform bacteria is a more immediate risk than fluoride. (The whitewater center is really wastewater rafting.) Maybe if Realist quit eating so much sugar he could survive cleaning his teeth with a twig of rosemary. Docile? I use Tom’s of Maine saturated with fluoride daily, have strong bones, and remain feisty as Hell. We filter our water because of solvents and cryptospiridium mostly, but then most filters can’t even get out all the heavy metals. We ALL are co-owners of the same ruining water whether we like it or not. The solution to water quality remains universal. Right now the biggest risk is fracking for natural gas.


      Grady Lee Howard . . I’ve researched 5000 hours. Hardly hurried research. And I will admit, saying the Gulf Oil Fiasco was a false flag event is my opinion, not a hard fact. However, it is YOU who is incorrect about the carbon tax. Do you honestly think the Global Elite will use Carbon Tax money to help the world? They will help THEMSELVES. It is YOU who is not educated and informed. The Global Elite include the bankers WHO WE GAVE A BANK LOAD OF MONEY TO recently . . and how did they handle themselves? What did they do with the money, Grady? Where’s the money? Where is it? This is the same question we will be asking if a carbon tax in enacted.

      I have solar power. I want a gas free car. But before we do anything we have to get rid of the Global Elite. Videos on the carbon tax hoax:

      General non-mainstream media sites on the TRUTH!!!!

      My pages:

      Educate yourself, Grady . . 5000 hours of research??? I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!! But I very much appreciate the reply. A dialogue is needed. Thank you. : )

      HEY REALIST!!!!

      Keep on drinking the fluoride, baby. Have some Aspartame and some Genetically Modified Organism foods too. Yum yum eat ’em up . . LOL!!! : D

  4. Kennedy knew all about the Global Elite who wish to have Global Governance and a New World Order.

    I personally think they killed him for it . . .


    IMPORTANT VIDEOS. It’s VITAL you see these . . .

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