Monday June 28 | Former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister

June 24, 2010 at 11:23 am | Posted in Coming Up | 7 Comments

The former president of Shell Oil joins us today. John Hofmeister has been very vocal on the topic of the BP Oil Spill, using his clout in the industry to give criticisms of those involved in the catastrophe and with ideas for how the spill can be cleaned up. We’ll talk about the latest on the spill, the cleanup, and how he thinks BP will fare after the disaster is over.
John Hofmeister
– Former President of Shell Oil Company and Founder/CEO ofCitizens for Affordable Energy

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  1. Oil drilling equals planetary death. (includes natural gas fracking- just try drinking produced water)

  2. It is increasingly obvious that mass-industrial civilization is spiraling out of control on many levels – at the base of this is the incredibly irresponsible overuse of oil and gasoline.

    The USA and other highly oil-dependent nations are one or two major shortages and oil shocks away from complete anarchy and chaos. We better begin to wean ourselves off oil and gasoline as soon as possible, to relocalize economies, to get the railroad system back up to speed, and so on. Again, a major and prolonged oil shortage would bring the USA to its knees.

  3. It is fantasy to think we or the world can wean ourselves off of oil. It’s fantasy to believe there hasn’t been a concerted effort to do so since Nixon. It’s fantasy to believe all those Prius batteries and squiggly light bulbs in the landfills are no problem. It’s fantasy to believe China or India will comply making the other fantasies moot.

    The exploitation of the gulf disaster is typical of an administration that openly admits to using a crisis to achieve an agenda. Why are we out in the mile deep water going more miles underground to get oil anyway? We should be drilling in ANWR and in shallow water and we wouldn’t have this problem. Also build more refineries and Nuclear plants. Problem solved.

    But no, we’re told to ride a bike, turn down the thermostat in the winter, turn it up in the summer, hang our clothes on the line, take a bus, sit in the dark and roll back our standard of living 100 years.

    • Turning down thermostats and riding a bike is good for you Gregg, now eat that cauliflower and all your green peas. 25K Prius’s for all is a fantasy. I needed a truck for when I come back from Switzerland so I bought a 1991 Ranger at the junk yard for $800. It has a big dent in the passenger door and rusty paint but runs good. Squeezing the last toothpaste from the tube bottom saves much more energy than buying Tom’s of Maine. That is the immediate tactic we should take. Don’t borrow money at interest but use what we have to build up the right way.

      Nuclear plants as we know them are worse than drilling. Rich uranium is about used up and we’ll only resort to war to get the best ore. And then there is the endless unsolved waste problem. Odds are that another of our antique plants will soon suffer a significant accident. Maybe Catawba or McGuire will melt down before 2012. Gregg is smart enough to invest in micr-hydro rather than buying Exelon stock, but he thinks us rabble should nuke up.

      I don’t pretend to blame puppet Obama anymore. I blame self-centered people like Gregg Smith who expect to benefit from the suffering of others. Contrary to Gregg, failure to manage capital markets properly has resulted in a concerted effort to delay sustainable energy alternatives since Nixon reigned. Right now poor India and China are trying harder to harness solar energy than American industry because our people are ill-informed, and coal and natural gas generation is tolerated here. If glacier water is lost to India and China unrest from famine will ruin them. They know the score.

      I speculate that it would be healthy if we cut back the speed limit, added fuel and car taxes (for energy development), cut back on the hours of Internet-TV-Radio-Electricity so that people would meet in their neighborhoods eye to eye and maybe have a cook-out. Centralized energy production for minority profit is the antithesis of democracy.

      WTVI should show pictures of the Catawba River and the sunset and say “You own this,” rather than the talking heads of CEOs from companies that pollute our environment and our media. Any money they give is bloody.

      • Alright then, no more oil. It’s gone tomorrow. Now what?
        Your ideas scare the hell out of me.

      • You are afraid of the truth about the future if we do not cut back on consumption. Another scary idea: a speed tax (10 cents per mile, per 5 mph overage)on any vehicle exceeding 25mph.

        Got any steers, Gregg. How many hay bales are required to produce a 1 pound sirloin steak? (I know the answer.)

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