Friday June 25, 2010 | Girls Rock the House & NC Tea Party

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Part One: Girls Rock the House
American citizens are becoming more politically active than ever before and today on Charlotte Talks, we’ll meet two diverse groups of politically-inclined folks. First we meet an 8th grader who is a part of “Girls Rock the House,” a group that recruits 8th grade girls to learn about and become involved in, politics.
Rep. Sue Myrick
– US Representative (9th District)
Desirae Kindley – Winner of the Girls Rock the House Bill contest, Charlotte
Mary Tribble – Founder, Girls Rock the House and Owner, Tribble Creative Group

Part Two: The Tea Party in North Carolina
Then, in the second part of the program, we’ll meet two Tea Party activists to find out who and what the Tea Party is, from the eyes of those who started it all. Join us as we explore new trends in American politics.
Chris Farr
– State Grassroots Director, Americans for Prosperity
Craig Nannini – Tea Party Activist in Charlotte

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  1. ‘tea party’ A Political Movement?, Hogwash!!! These were the Silent on government spending etc. during the previous admin and the congresses then and before, under (R) control!! But they were the vocal on the blank check wars of choice in Support Of! Notice how they bring Nothing to the table as to idea’s, especially their leaders, and Never Call For Sacrifice For The Veterans Of These Wars Of Choice, Afghanistan stopped being about 9/11 as they started beating the drums at Iraq, Nor As To Our Older Brothers and Sisters!
    There’s a real movement but it has nothing to do with the Country nor Constitution but does have to do with who is now President!

    USN ’67-’71 All Shore GMG3 Vietnam ’70-’71

  2. Cut military spending. We do NOT need 13 super-carrier task force groups, that is a throw back to WWII for goodness sakes. 10 is more than enough. We need to concentrate our forces in the areas of the new defense needs which are the quick-strike small force areas of the military.

    Intel is moving processor manufacturing to China. I say hit them with a HUGE levy and give them a bill for repayment of ALL tax cuts, deductions, and incentives they have received in the last twenty years.

    Did you know that NAFTA GATT, etc, negotiations were started under Ronald Reagan and continued under Bush the elder under a premise of “least common denominator” with regards to environmental protection, worker safety, and worker rights? The Reagan-cons knew the gig was up in this coountry for these issues and started these treaties so the fat-cat oligarchical-plutocrats could make their fortunes off the hazardous treatment of workers and the environment in other countries that they were being prohibited from doing in the USA. Bill CLinton thought he was doing the bi-partisan tango by pushing for their passage. How different would things be if the free-trade protection were only given to countries that had all the same worker rights and safety protection and environmental regulation we have in this country? I say rescind all of them and re-negotiate on the premise of “greatest common denominator”.

  3. Thank you for asking the Tea Party all the things I want to know. No one wants to spend that bail out money, but few of us have the expertise to challenge what was done. When we weigh the risks of NOT doing so, I trust that the administration took the path they thought necessary to keep us out of a depression. The Tea Partiers may be in favor of Medicare and social security now, but I suspect they are the same people who would have opposed it at the time it was proposed.

    • The government is now following the same Kaysian principals of economics that Hoover and Roosevelt used that changed a recession into The Great Depression. The government is crowding private enterprise out of the credit market and creating so much uncertainty about the future economic outlook and cost of employment that they are not investing. Before you buy the line that what Obama is doing was necessary, look up some economic history and you will conclude what he is doing is contributing to the problem. Why would you build a restaurant or make TV’s if your potential customers have less money in their pockets because the government has taken it?

      • Jay sees the situation clearly. Congratulations!

        The US economy is not a “zero sum game” wherein every dollar earned by the “rich” is talen from the “poor.”

        Instead, when it is in the best interest of entrepreneurs to risk their own money on an investment that they believe will reward them, they will do so. The higher the tax rates, the less likely they are to risk anything. The lower the rates, the MORE likely they are.

        When they succeed, they earn and keep more money. And so do their employees. And so does the government!

        Kennedy and Reagan (and Truman at the end of the WAR) demonstrated that a reduction in tax RATES will grow the economy (and generate dramatically bigger tax REVENUES) far better than any bogus “stimulus program” ever can.

        But implementing the tax rate reductions brings on a different kind of challenge: How to keep the politicians from spending the extra tax revenue on new and un-needed pork projects?

        The works of economists Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams (both have websites) provide numerous proofs of these assertions. Their proofs have added weight since both gentlemen are African American and have first hand experience with the “helping hands” of government.

        All the best!

  4. Nowhere near enough time for this subject and guests. A full hour would still be short!

  5. Demographics will take care of the Tea Party.

  6. The Tea Partiers on the program were very vague and generalized. Pin them down to specifics and they had no specific answers. I have yet to hear any specific solutions suggested by these people on any issue…just criticism of our entire government. Congratulations, Mike, for challenging your guests to come up with viable solutions on any issue. Unfortunately, they had none. You, Mike, are right on target with your argument that they want to cut here and cut there, but don’t cut ME and mine! You are also right on target when you say we have enjoyed humongous wealth as a nation with an unwillingness to sacrifice anything for the good of all. Our Government is suppose to serve ALL the people…not just a select segment of the population. They preach “less government” but it has been proven repeatedly that we do a pathetic job of policing ourselves. I don’t necessarily agree with all aspects of the stimulus packages, but what was the alternative? Bottom line, greed for money and power will be the downfall of this country…government or no government. We should educate ourselves before we speak too loudly.

    • Vague? I must have been listening to a different program!

      F Morgan said: “You, Mike, are right on target with your argument that they want to cut here and cut there, but don’t cut ME and mine!” How different! The fact is that ALL OF US have been feeding at the public trough, and borrowing from our children to do so. Only by returning to our Constitutional roots will we get ourselves out of this mess

      F Morgan said: ‘They preach “less government” but it has been proven repeatedly that we do a pathetic job of policing ourselves.’ We are sitting here in the miodst of the worst recession since the 1930s. This was triggered by governmental meddling in the mortgage industry. Asking the government to fix this is like asking the arsonist to lend a hand with the hoses!

  7. Ravi Batra at SMU says Williams and Sowell are both bought economists. Michael Hudson is the foremost US economist and not some plutocrat licking columnist from a backward newspaper.

    The problem is that both the FED and government agencies are creating money out of thin air that is given to those least needing it. Bribery and corruption are the only explanation. Tax incentives will not work when so few possess all the money value. Only stimulation of the economy by employing the working class at good living wages can save this country. People need money to spend wisely and not more exploitative credit debt. Jay is correct about small business suffering, but what small business needs is customers. They are hardly in the credit game except as borrowers. People are charged 30% on credit cards while financiers can borrow at one quarter of one percent. We are living under financial oligarchy. You could work and starve most people to death and the few wealthy would retain all the money and power. Government is our only means of intervention. We do need to seize government from the rich and connected, but government must spend on human well-being like never before and clamp down on big business. Tax land and wealth. Cap the greed. England’s policies will soon sink it.

    • Well, Bill from Cal Berkeley says they are not bought economists. So there! They are black economists that have seen what government “help” has done TO the black popul;ation.
      For example, you obviously want better wages. Well, in the 1930s, the govermnent imposed the first national minimum wage act with NO (In my opinion) Constitutional authhority to do so. Within a year, 300,000 Negro workers lost their jobs!

      What is better? 300,000 more people with NO WAGES or 300,000 people employed at wages that are lower than YOU think they should be.
      If stimulating the economy is the way to go, then why when it was tried by Bush AND Obama did it fail miserably? And WHY when it was tried by Truman, Kennedy and Reagan it triggered massive booms in the economy.
      But your mind seems to be made up. No need to confuse you with facts.

      • Bill Miller and JAY,

        Your comments are refreshing, thanks.

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