Thurs. June 17, 2010 | Charlotte’s New “Powerhouse” Music Couple

June 16, 2010 at 9:53 am | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

Among the new immigrants to Charlotte over the past few months, there is a couple who will bring with them an extraordinary musical talent and reputation, each of their own. We’ll be joined by the new Music Director for the Charlotte Symphony, Christopher Warren-Green, the first resident Music Director for the Symphony in about 20 years. He comes from London to Charlotte with his wife, musician Rosemary Furniss, who has been described as ‘one of the most respected violinists of her generation.’ We’ll talk with them about their worldwide successes in the world of classical music, what brought them to Charlotte, and what their plans are for music in the Queen City.
Christopher Warren-Green
– Music Director for the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
Rosemary Furniss
– Solo Violinist and concertmaster, chamber musician and teacher

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  1. Mike, ask him when the Planets Suite will be at the Knight Theater.

    I played percussion in middle and schools and the orchestra in college and The Planets is my most favorite symphony ever. I crossed “playing the Planets Suite” off my Bucket List back in college and I always catch a performance when I can.

    Looking at the schedule of upcoming performances, I’m excited to hear some ambitious music performed here in the Queen City.

  2. Will there be a posting of the music played this morning?

    • Many of the clips were from the same song. Here is what we played. Thanks for listening!

      Leonard Bernstein by the New York Philharmonic… Overture to Candide

      Artist Unknown…Elgar Enigma Variations 9- Nimrod…

  3. Two great conductors meet at last: Mike Collins and Christopher Warren-Green. (Notice how Mike digitized up a terrific montage near program’s end.) Mike knows the score on Charlott’e fickle relationship with its orchestra and hinted at the pitfalls (orchestra pit, get it?). I hope Christopher and Rosemary have hammered out an iron-clad contract with the powers that be, otherwise they’ll be disappointed in time wasted here. (We’ll get the Elgar and he’ll get the old soft shoe of budget cuts.) Maybe the Knight thing will work. Maybe they’ll get to give some violin lessons to a few poor prodigies. Nothing is set in stone.

    Conductor Warren-Green, if you are sincere in believing Metrolina is an attractive place you’ll have a steep learning curve. Our corporations are not rooted and our elite is ignorant. Our land is polluted and our people are poor and pitiful. Most schools have 90% in poverty, and not only a few shools, most.

    I wonder where they’ll live. Are they regular folk or do they require an estate in a gated community? They seem to be rearing a charming son who gave the finest weather report ever. (I am sincere here in agreeing with MC. The boy should do ALL WFAE’s weather.Fire someone and make space.) I’d like them as a neighbor over here in Gaston County. To hear them rehearse would be a blessing (free music).What better way to serve culture than to live among regular working people? Maybe they are “the artists” who will buy a loft in one of the old mills and pull their vehicles in the freight elevator with the grand piano. I already determined these people are Bohemian. Just don’t tell the CEOs.

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