Wednesday June 16, 2010 | Manasvi Koul & John Leguizamo

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Part One: Manasvi Koul and LiveBeyond
Manasvi Koul is no ordinary teenager. Diagnosed with cancer at age 12, she fought back by raising awareness in the ethnic community on the need for more bone marrow donors. At age 13 she wrote a memoir and, at age 16, started a foundation. Now there is a documentary about her life and she’ll share her story with us.
Manasvi Koul
– Founder, LiveBeyond Foundation
Richa Vyas – Documentarian

Part Two: John Leguizamo
John Leguizamo is no ordinary comedian. Mr. Leguizamo is a film star, a stage veteran and writer. He is coming to town with his latest one man show, “Klass Klown,” but first he visits with us.
John Leguizamo
– Actor, writer and comedian

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  1. Manasvi’s problem finding a donor is a major problem almost mixed race people.

    + “Mixed-race patients struggle to find marrow donors” –

    + “Bone Marrow Transplants: When Race Is an Issue” –,8599,1993074,00.html#ixzz0r1Ypq4E3 – “Multiracial patients often have an incredibly hard time finding life-saving marrow matches. When Devan, whose father is Caucasian and mother is part Indian, was first diagnosed with leukemia, his family did a search of the international marrow registry that contains over 14 million donors and came up empty. “We knew there was nothing out there for him,” Tatlow says.

    This will become more and more of an issue as the USA increasingly becomes a multiracial nation.

  2. What a great show! Manasavi is an awesome young woman! Thank you for sharing her story. I hope the documentary helps to raise awareness and convinces more people to become marrow donors. And yes, I am on the registry!

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