Wednesday June 9, 2010 | Sustainable Design

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Sustainable development superstar William McDonough joins us. We’ll talk with him about his well-known “cradle to cradle” design concept and about some of the many sustainable development projects that he’s been involved in around the world.
William McDonough
– Architect and Designer, Founding partner of William McDonough + Partners

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  1. Great show! Two points.

    One, the reason “we” don’t know these things is because “profound knowledge” is the most unappreciated attribute of the human mind.

    Second, could Mr. McDonough give us his opinion on the sustainability of intermodal containers as value adding housing.



  2. Is your guest familiar with the Tyson Living Learning Center at Washington Univ. in Eureka, MO? We’re stopping there for a tour this summer.

    Also, I know SC is home to just a handful of green cemetaries. If you choose you can go straight into the ground in your Bday suit, a cardboard box, or a pine box.

  3. Lots of great ideas, but unfortunately very few of these ideas will ever be implemented in the USA unless they are required by the government as they are in China, some European countries, and elsewhere.

    • If and when we find some other source that can pack, dollar for dollar, as much energy as a barrel of oil can then it will happen. Europe uses nuclear energy but no one wants that here. It’s all about the money. I think that’s good but many think it’s evil. I don’t want to be China.
      Hydro is also viable and an old dam in my area has recently been brought back to life by a private enterprise. They’re making a mint and selling power cheap. It’s a win win driven by freedom, entrepreneurship and capitalism.

      • I don’t want to be in China either, Gregg. The problem is that big business is the same here as in China: It can’t tell the difference. Limited liability puts owners beyond accountability. There is a world of difference between your ethics and those of Duke Energy. True, you couldn’t build your own generation turbine in China, but very few people, fewer all the time, have such opportunities to contribute here.

  4. At the 9:30 (am and pm) mark listen to Mike Collins describe his disappointment in corporate responsibility. Collins lent much more to basic cultural concepts than all of William McDonough’s happy talk. This is the bravest and most insightful I’ve ever heard our host in over a decade. Going after the large scale payday will accomplish much less than Gregg Smith’s backyard generation system. What a shame Gregg overlooked the externalities of carbon fuel and failed to subtract those counterproductive accidents. Gregg will prove Realist mistaken and soon be charging a hybrid or electric off his little dam. Those car batteries may carry Gregg through on stormy Taylorsville nights. What has Realist done to brew his own grog or freeze his own ice cream treats? Mike Collins seems ready and willing to discuss the possibilities. Who killed Average Joe?

    McDonough seemed to have given up on stopping the Gulf Blowout and even doubted the relief wells. Super-cooled liquified gases might be injected at the reservoir intersection with the drill casing to flash freeze the eruption. It was nuclear energy research perfected liquid nitrogen and oxygen. Iran may have this technology on the shelf, large scale, since their third hand refining is plenty primitive. Why not ask?

    Anyway Mike, you done good, Boy. Some of those things from the 50s, long repressed, came sailing out your mouth. I’m gonna listen again at 9 pm. Also hear Elizabeth Warren on On Point, today my friends. That was a good one too!

  5. Thank you to CCCP’s (Cheryl Myers et al) for bringing William McDonough to Charlotte. He is a true visionary and the fact that he will take all his proprietary research and knowledge and share it via the internet is extraordinary. California is now the state to watch for best practices… Maybe there is hope for the planet yet. Mike Collins’ interview was a wonderful follow up to Mr. McDonough’s talk at the Knight Theatre – especially for those of us who are just learning about him and wanted more –
    thank you!

    • Grady – I am a big fan of the Southern Agrarians, and your comment reminded me of an essay by one of them entitled “The Small Farm Secures the State” by Andrew Lytle in the book WHO OWNS AMERICA? –

      Good stuff.

  6. Like Grady says, instead of thinking so big we need to start more simply, i.e. locally – we need to rebuild and revive the small towns and the rural areas, and retrofit suburbia for a more sustainable future.

    The show last year about Agriburbia here on Charlotte Talks basically spelled out the path we ought to take in terms of sustainable development here in the USA.

    Do you know what an eco-village is? I do –

  7. Great, terrific, people got my point! The basic idea is that no concept is “made real” unless it is owned by a billionaire entrepreneur or a multi-national corporation. (like the CELEBRITY thang.)This is the same idea I floated in discussing the Bechtler Collection. The cache’ or ambiance of wealth enhances power to make renown, deserved or not. But there is a more insidious aspect. Think about development and debt. Wealthy investors profit from the development loan while little taxpayers who cannot benefit pay it back through taxes and a lowered standard of living. This is the World Bank and IMF model. They write those bad mortgages (impossible schemes out of control and ripe for elite embezzlement) for the super rich to collect or bet against. Now this extraction is coming home, here and in Greece (other EU states too). The transactions are above government authority under our current laws and Constitutional interpretation, so we have no recourse except civil disobedience and targeted spending. Notice how unemployment extensions are being cut off?
    Michael Hudson explains it well. If interested go to KPFA Pacifica archives under the recent interview on the program “Guns and Butter.”
    Mike should listen to “Guns and Butter” too. I know he’d like it.

  8. Please don’t forget who suggested this: Super-cooled liquified gases might be injected at the reservoir intersection with the drill casing to flash freeze the eruption. It may be on the “test.”

  9. brilliant! how come i never read about it? קידום אתרים

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