Tuesday June 1, 2010 | Childhood Obesity & The Fat Boy Chronicles

May 27, 2010 at 8:41 am | Posted in Coming Up | 9 Comments

Blockbuster movies hit screens as school is out for the summer, but Charlotte-area students will be watching a lesser-known, but important film called The Fat Boy Chronicles. Based on a book of the same name, the film follows the travels of an obese 9th grader in a thin-obsessed world. UNC Charlotte, CMS, Carolinas Medical Center and others are on board to sponsor the film’s screening and to bring awareness to the stigma and health effects of obesity. We’ll find out about the movie and what CMS is doing to combat childhood obesity.
Mike Buchanan
– Co-Author and Screenwriter, The Fat Boy Chronicles
Libby Safrit – Executive Director, Teen Health Connection
Debra Kaclik – Director of Arts, Health and Physical Education at CMS

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  1. Ugh! Enough with the snacks already! Why do you need a sanck at 6:30? Have you seen the snacks at the Y on Sat. morning after an hour of sport? It’s junk with a juicebox.

  2. Peggy is kool to notice the crap kids are thrown. Michael Pollan has it right, fruit and vegetables, some grains, and never too much. (Pollan is creepy when it comes to pleasing the meat industries.) The hormones in meat and the unknown addictive ingredients and substances in processed foods are mostly responsible for the overweight explosion, and cancer too (what is not directly from cosmetics, yard chemicals and work exposures). Smoking is the only way some people prevent overeating. (the laudnum cure for alcohol; and the alcohol cure for laudnum) A little shot of smack and you’re on your way; by the same token; one hotpocket is the gateway drug to Hell. Stay out of the supermarket and support your local farmer’s market. Eat raw and have fun cooking; or die trying. (Is it raining oil yet?)

    • “one hotpocket is the gateway drug to Hell.”

      I’m spittin coffee on my keyboard now. ‘Preciate it.

  3. There’s nothing better than coming home from the creek with a few brown trout and harvesting a couple grocery bags of fresh vegetables out of the garden. Mmmmmm.

    • Where do you live Gregg?

      I’m not a jealous type of person at all, but I definitely envy you if you’re livin like that.

  4. My first ripe tomato Friday from the back yard tasted great. I’ve been getting a variety of greens and cruciforms since April but some are now bolting. Beans and peppers are coming soon, cucumbers too. Squashes are in as are onions. I use a dash of generic Mrs. Dash I make from my own herbs. How’s that? Still I trade with neighbors and shop the stands.

    • No tomatoes yet but the black seeded simpson, red sails, bib, romaine, arugula and a bumper crop of broccoli have me eating salads every night. I wish I could figure out how to make the tomatoes and lettuce sync up. Until then I’ll settle for tomatoes/basil. Still waiting on the squash (yellow, zucchini, butternut and acorn) but I’m ready. Steamed, roasted, casseroles, stir fries and my favorite, grilled. Don’t even get me started on the corn. The perennial herb garden is kicking as well. Great year!

      • Man, this is my first year seriously gardening and I’m not doing a great job because I have so little experience. I started most everything too late. HELP!

  5. Two words: FAT CAMP.

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