Thursday May 20, 2010 | NASCAR Hall of Fame

May 19, 2010 at 11:33 am | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

Start your engines… today we broadcast from the new NASCAR Hall of Fame to find out what the museum has to offer. NASCAR is perhaps the last and oldest major American sport to get a hall to honor its legends and many advocates say it could be the new crown jewel for uptown Charlotte. We’ll look at some of the sport’s history, the greats who made it the $2 billion industry it is in our region today and the journey the museum took from concept to the finish line.
Winston Kelley
– Executive Director, NASCAR Hall of Fame
Kevin Schlesier – Exhibits Manager, NASCAR Hall of Fame
Albert McKim – Historian, NASCAR Hall of Fame

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Charlotte Talks, Ted Boyd. Ted Boyd said: RT @CharlotteTalks: Live behind-the-scenes tour of NASCAR Hall of Fame, Thursday. Questions about the HOF & economic/cultural impact on CLT? […]

  2. I’m not a huge fan of NASCAR, but it must be admitted that it is by far one of the most dangerous sports in history. More people have died in NASCAR races than have in playing other major American sports like baseball, basketball, football, etc – it surely takes A LOT of courage to get out on a crowded track and zoom around at incredible speeds with your life a single driver error away from ending.

  3. Actually cheerleading is more dangerous. It made the top 10 in every list I could find. I didn’t find NASCAR in any.
    Here’s one
    Here’s another
    and another

  4. Shameful! Anachronistic! Reverse social engineering!
    P.T. Barnum showmanship has always taken a toll on life quality.
    The Romans had bread and circuses, gladiators and sacrifices, to deter questions in the public consciousness. As the Hall of Motorcrap has just opened the big signmakers have pre-counted 500,000 cars (visiting it) a year. Thank you Gregg Smith for pointing out that the teeny weeny NASCAR death toll disqualifies it as a spectacle pseudosport.
    Charlotte, much like the old Soviet Union, takes credit for big negative accomplishments. Maybe they put more sewage in the Catawba than any other city, pay incentives to undesirable and low-waged industries, cut librarians and teachers first, but; like NASCAR, it is nothing to brag about. Having the Bruton Smith billionaire cancer on your neck is certainly gonna take you a long way. Let’s drag race to Hell!

    When EVERY other media outlet has this fraud well-covered it is overkill and lack of media diversity to have the public radio station jump in as ringmaster. This is a time of staggering and calamitous issues nationally and locally, with little in the way of effective public education. Again the Roger Sarrow (SORROW?)Development Director mentality dominates all. There are butts to kiss and palms to grease.
    Ambitious public spirited efforts can never gain ground as long as the WFAE managers submerge the collective effort beneath the lowest common denominator. People who really think like the explanatory and incisive aspects of public radio, the genteel intricacies of virtuosity and fine arts. They are not invigorated by the roar of gunning gas engines. To embrace every medicine show that rolls through town is to admit we have nothing of our own, that our imaginations are on life support. Stick to your unique mission public radio and the budget will fall into place, but to pull your “go-cart” out there among the media big rigs is suicide. “Grandma” has caught your antics, and now her gas money will be hard won. (Wear a helmet, Mike.)

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