Tuesday May 18, 2010 | Green Restorations

May 17, 2010 at 9:05 am | Posted in Coming Up | 6 Comments

Forty percent of Americans live in homes that were built before 1940. So when it’s time to remodel, how do you do a renovation that maintains the character of the older home, but uses sustainable practices and green-building techniques at the same time? North Carolina author Aaron Lubeck knows – he’s writtenGreen Restorations: Sustainable Building and Historic Homes. Join us for a conversation about green restorations.
Aaron Lubeck
– Author of Green Restorations and President of Trinity Design/Build

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  1. We need some historic homes fixed in the queen city.

  2. I live in a house in Hendersonville, NC which is listed on the National Historic Registry. The house was built in l926 by the architect Erle Stillwell. We have beautiful leaded glass casement windows. How can these be made more efficient?

  3. Mike,

    We have h2O bottle filled with sand in toilet tank which reduces h2O used per flush.


  4. How do we know who is a reputable contractor for, e.g. energy audit, sealing crawl space / attic, and other specialized work? Is there license or certification to look for? Any chance these guys would recommend some names – maybe not to broadcast, but you could always email their picks back to me 🙂 I looked around online a few minutes ago, no idea how to tell who’s legit.

  5. I am presently working on an old house. Any tiny wrong decision, any commercial misinformation, any unqualified worker, any unreasonable governmental regulation, any premium priced not yet perfected technology can cost me months of stress and worry, ten-thousands of dollars and a comfortable place to live. The homeowner is presently at the mercy of every huckster and scheme, every media host promoting for a buck. Mike Collins, as much as I know of him, has trouble screwing in a lightbulb and is no authority on the renovation choices I must make. He sits at a microphone and potdeck and tolerates the speil of every book author and con-person coming and going. I have heard knowlegeable hosts like Ira Flatow on Science Friday interrogate originators of supposedly coming technologies, but I never see any of this innovation in Home Depot. I think the people who make a living off the sorry way things are want everything to remain the same for as long as possible. Most every new home improvement product is a rich man’s toy, a foolish frivolity or a repackaged failure. I feel like the three little pigs choosing from straw, sticks and bricks. I know bricks are best but cost too dearly, that I must buy tools and acquire skills to assemble even sticks, and that I will probably be devoured by a wolf as I lie exhausted in my morass of wattle and daub. Such is the renovation market. (The “wolf” is home improvement loan or second mortgage fees and interest.) Pigs are selling their own hams for slop.

    • Mr. Howard is not a victim as he would have us believe. He is the beneficiary of the work of millions of entrepreneurs throughout history. The choices are vast.

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