Thursday May 13, 2010 | Charlotte Air Pollution

May 11, 2010 at 3:24 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 5 Comments

The Charlotte-Gastonia-Salisbury region was recently named the tenth smoggiest area in the nation. That’s actually two spots better than last year’s 8th overall ranking, but our air quality continues to be among the worst in the country. We’ll look at our air quality with an eye focused on smog. Our panel includes a chemist who will help us understand exactly what smog is made of, why or if it’s seasonal and how it interacts with the environment and on our respiratory system. Join us for a look at our air quality and the smog in it.
June Blotnick
– Executive Director, Clean Air Carolina
Cindy Hauser – Associate Professor, Chemistry Dept. Davidson College
Dr. Maeve O’Connor – Physician, Carolina Asthma and Allergy Center

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  1. We moved from Oregon and have noticed an air quality difference in Charlotte. Plenty of people drove in Portland, but a significant portion of daily commuters utilize the comprehensive public transit system and the many bicycle lanes.

  2. The best way to solve this is to de-centralize human populations. When you de-centralize populations you also de-centralize pollution of all kinds.

    We live in a HUGE nation: there is no reason why Americans should continue to mass in and around major cities and metro areas. We need to reactivate the tens of thousands of small towns all across America.

  3. Given the discussion today, I would like recommendations for behavior in the summer months for me with Alpha-1 Antitrypson and others with chronic lung conditions.

  4. This may sound crazy, but none of my three kids has allergies of any kind. I did not bathe them every night, I did not use ANY marketed fragranced full of chemicals baby bath products. They took baths twice a week at most for the better part of 8 to 9 years. Washed only with soap. I don’t think it is coincidence. We rob our scalp and skin of the natural oils that protect us from lots of things. My sister bathed her son every single night of his life and he has asthma and other allergies. We can’t discount the chemicals that our kids are submerged in on a nightly basis!! (maybe I mean immersed, submerged would imply drowning!!)

  5. As lifestyle causations of cancer and other maladies are remediated by social engineering we will discover that our environment is killing us. There are cross causations involving the food supply and household chemicals with air pollution. Decentralization and mass trans will not be enough. Your lawn mowing may constitute an unrecognized crime against humanity. I think we will have to completely alter our lifestyles to attain or retain any quality of life. Everything is a trade-off. How can you expect people to imagine alternate transportation in a community where the media worships NASCAR. Ignorance equals death.

    P.S. I know mothers who rarely bathe their children and they are sick, crusty little boogers.

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