Monday May 10, 2010 | Humpy Wheeler

May 7, 2010 at 9:28 am | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

Long time NASCAR icon Humpy Wheeler joins us to talk about his more than 50 years in NASCAR, which he’s recently put to print in his book Growing Up NASCAR: Racing’s Most Outrageous Promoter Tells All. We’ll talk about his first taste of NASCAR at age 11 all the way through pivotal historic events in racing legend, including his very public split with Speedway Motorsports owner/CEO Bruton Smith.
Humpy Wheeler
– Former President and General Manager of Speedway Motorsports and Author of Growing Up NASCAR

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Charlotte Talks. Charlotte Talks said: NASCAR promoter and icon Humpy Wheeler on his new book "Growing Up NASCAR," Monday. Questions for Humpy? […]

  2. Since Wendell Scott, there hasn’t been any African Americans to really make the scene in NASCAR. Does race still matter in terms of qualifications in this sport?

  3. Please tell Mr. Wheeler that even though we never met him when attending races at CMS, we always felt “hosted” by him. Anticipating what Humpy had in store for fans was almost the best part of attending a race.

  4. Humpty, Dumpy, Lumpy and Gumpy, and Grumpy, indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hall of Fame or Museum or whatever you call it I was filled with rage and ire when I considered the parade of buses hauling schoolchildren to see this mass of old tin, cardboard beer cutouts and revisionist jargon …. and in these times of reduced budget and curriculum. Then I thought about the slave cabins at Old Williamsburg, and the wagons and reapers of yesteryear nearby at the Gaston County Historical Museum in Dallas, NC. Kids actually need to see a toned-down version of our shameful past we have partially and gradually overcome.

    We are about to bid farewell to fossil fueled vehicles and embark on an era of mass transportation. Due to beneficial social engineering future people will despise and ridicule the ignorance of NASCAR. Apparently even gearheads need to get a beer or joint buzz on to enjoy it contemporaneously. Like most debauching spectacle it exists in a vacuum of therapeutic social interaction and is part of the wealth updraft ruining our pseudo-democracy for the average Jane and Joe. No one wants a track in their neighborhood, so they must be tricked to watch, buy or attend. The behavior of most drivers makes NASCAR a celebration of crude ignorance.

    Al, if you wonder why African Americans don’t want to be drivers it may be a matter of greater social consciousness. (Danica Patrick’s heart lies broken.) They hate commuting to work like most wage slaves and find no comfort in imitating some idiot who drives around in a circle for a living. All the things I hate about driving remind me of NASCAR, the urgent speed and danger, the dirt and polluted air, the amplified noise, the drunks and bullies, the defective vehicles. It is a high amplitude model of what’s wrong with American transportation today. A sport? Not by a long shot. It has an increasing commonality with obviously faked professional wrestling. Our nation is lost if we embrace such falsity. Every malady elicits a drug such as meth or heroin, and NASCAR itself is a drug of sorts. It makes losers and misfits think for a few seconds that they fit in.

    Just as oil production is past peak, NASCAR is diminishing in appeal due to counterintuitivity and reduced relevance. To prolong the payday they must switch soon to silent electric vehicles. Then they can compete for loudest Ver-roooooom! It will all die to a whisper as degenerates watch jet fighter races among drug lords. Such is the destiny of Mega-bonobos.

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