Friday April 30, 2010 | Trust in Government

April 29, 2010 at 10:38 am | Posted in Coming Up | 5 Comments

NPR recently aired a series on trust in government and we take our own look at that topic today. From a City Council member accused of harassment to a South Carolina Governor accused of abandoning his state, politicians have been the target of distrust and anger from voters. Economic struggles have fueled much of the anger but distrust of government has always existed. Many voters argue that our country was founded on a healthy skepticism of government. We’ll explore the notion of trust in government close to home and in Washington, DC.
Jim Morrill
– Staff Political Reporter, The Charlotte Observer
Ran Coble – Director, North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research
Dr. Dan Grano – Assistant Professor, Communication Studies at UNC Charlotte

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  1. I think much of the distrust found today is caused by people getting most of their information from sources that reinforce their ideas. When people are surrounded by diverse ideas they become more open minded and willing to at least listen to other opinions. In a closed box group think takes over.

  2. Mike,

    We need look no further than the evening news. The Rep’s and Dem’s constantly berate the other party as anti-american and unpatriotic when they have differing solutions to our biggest issues. These people are supposed to be our leaders, and their inability to work together trickles into our society as a whole.

    Most of us are middle of the road and reasonable, unfortunately we seem to be the least represented.

  3. It seems to me the more informed I become with the issues the more unwilling I am to commit to the narrow mindedness of a single party.

  4. Last week, I received a survey under the guise of being an “official census” survey. As I read through it, it became clear that it was more of a Republican marketing document asking me to gauge how much I thought the Democrats were messing everything up!

    I threw it away.

  5. Since the 60`s, half of the elected officials are composed of legal professionals. It is no longer “Of the people, by the people for the people ” More like “Of the people, for the Lawyers, by the Lawyers”. Trust???

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