Thursday April 29, 2010 | WFAE News Roundup

April 28, 2010 at 8:53 am | Posted in Coming Up | 2 Comments

We’ll catch up with the news staff at WFAE to take stock of the biggest stories to hit our region this past month. We’ll talk about county-wide budget planning woes, the annual meeting at Bank of America and problems for Bank of Granite, as well as the upcoming D.A. Election that is the first of its kind in 35 years. We’ll also get an update on a water war in the Carolinas, a controversy about a medical incinerator in Matthews, and a BIG month for sports in the Queen City.
Greg Collard – News Director, WFAE
Julie Rose – Reporter, WFAE
Lisa Miller – Reporter, WFAE
Scott Graf – Reporter and Morning Edition Host, WFAE

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  1. The new Bank of America is named Chad Holliday, not Chad Gifford or Gilford.

  2. I am wondering why the School Board is not talking about measures that would just get us through the toughest year. For instance, if they cut sports, just to make it to the other side of the worst of the budget crunch, but made it clear that they will be brought back? Or cut bussing, but again, made sure that there were provisions for restoring services when it was possible?

    This would require us trusting the board to give back what was suspended. But it would be like UNC asking for a “recission,” but not a cut, because cuts are permanent, while recissions are temporary.

    I also don’t understand how now, when we are paying less taxes than ever before as a nation (yes, it’s true, look it up), taxes for schools and libraries are not on the table. We are fast approaching the “you get what you pay for” worst-case scenario, cutting money to schools and then reaping what we have sown in neglect. Instead of once-a-year fundraising for crisis management, we should have a regular tax that is only for schools and libraries–two essential components of our public education system. An educated society is a rich society. Money spent on schools and libraries is invested in our present and our future.

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