Monday April 26, 2010 | Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Budget

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For months, CMS officials have been struggling with budget cuts, announcing layoffs that include 600 teachers and 164 teacher’s assistants next year. But now the County Commission has cut the budget for the current year by $6.3 million. In a world in which knowledge is so important, this is very bad news. Superintendent Peter Gorman joins us to talk about his new reality and its impact on education.
Dr. Peter Gorman
– Superintendent of Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

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  1. Thank you for this show.

    Mike, larger class size has a significant effect on education. Yes, you had 49 classmates when you were in school, and you turned out okay. But, education today is not the same as it used to be. Was there No Child Left Behind then? Was the parent/teacher relationship the same then as it is now? Did we ask the same of schools then that we do now?

    Budget issues are real and increased class size may be necessary, but as a former high school English teacher and the spouse of a high school English teacher, I am certain that students have a better experience when they are competing with only 20 of their peers for a teacher’s help and attention.

    Thanks again.

    -Kedrick, Mint Hill

  2. Dr Gorman

    Although not your domain, how are the private schools doing and do they lessen the budget impact on the public schools?


  3. Dr. Gorman,

    My daughter is to be an elementary ed grad in 2011. Realistically, how do you see her job prospects in NC upon graduation?

  4. Why is no one seriously discussing cutting out all sports programs. They are marginal or even detrimental to the function of the schools Why do so many care more about sports than they do about education?

    Rock Hill

    • “Why is no one seriously discussing cutting out all sports programs. They are marginal or even detrimental to the function of the schools”

      Look around the modern U.S. of A — do notice a problem with overweight people, even with many kids and teens these days?

      Do you know how weight problems are solved? E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E + better nutritional education

      A well-rounded individual is not solely intellectually-oriented or physically-oriented, but rather a combination of both. Some people obviously tend toward one or the other, but a combination of both the intellectual and physical is crucial in terms of raising well-rounded individuals. All praise the Golden Mean!

      • Golden Mean –

        In college I was almost a philosophy major, but I opted for linguistics/rhetoric instead. And not only do I have deep intellectual interests, but I also E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E regularly as well. It’s all part of being a well-rounded individual who is both mentally and physically healthy. Regular exercise is not only good for the body but for the mind as well. I notice that when I don’t exercise my mind is more sluggish as well.

        Do not neglect the body in favor of the mind, and do not neglect the mind in favor of the body. Thus spoke Zarathustra.

      • There are far too many “as well”s in my previous comment.

        GRAMMAR TIP O’ THE DAY: always proofread what you write.

  5. Dear Dr. Gorman,

    Hard times require great leadership. Our community is fortunate that you came to us at a time when we need you. Please understand than not everyone wants to only ceaselessly find fault. Thank you for your service to our community.


    Thomas M. Maxwell

  6. I have three children in Cabarrus county schools. I have a problem with the distributions of funds. The new schools opening have the best of everything while kids at older schools continue to watch schools crumbling around them, upper level classes cut, sports and arts programs being cut. If the older schools are left open why not put some money into bringing them up to speed?

    My husband and I have lived in our home for 21 years. Moving to a “better” neighborhood is not an option at this point.

  7. Dr. Gorman-

    What is the status of the proposed Stumptown Rd school in Huntersville needed to reduce the overcrowding at Torrence Creek? Hasn’t this already been approved and dollars allocated? Why aren’t those funds exempt from budget cuts?

  8. i attented a publik skool…..kan u telll?

  9. I am wondering why the School Board is not talking about measures that would just get us through the toughest year. For instance, if they cut sports, just to make it to the other side of the worst of the budget crunch, but made it clear that they will be brought back? Or cut bussing, but again, made sure that there were provisions for restoring services when it was possible?

    This would require us trusting the board to give back what was suspended. But it would be like UNC asking for a “recission,” but not a cut, because cuts are permanent, while recissions are temporary.

    I also don’t understand how now, when we are paying less taxes than ever before as a nation (yes, it’s true, look it up), taxes for schools and libraries are not on the table. We are fast approaching the “you get what you pay for” worst-case scenario, cutting money to schools and then reaping what we have sown in neglect. Instead of once-a-year fundraising for crisis management, we should have a regular tax that is only for schools and libraries–two essential components of our public education system. An educated society is a rich society. Money spent on schools and libraries is invested in our present and our future.

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