Happy Birthday Charlotte Talks!

April 21, 2010 at 11:13 am | Posted in Coming Up | 1 Comment

On April 20, 1998 Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins first went on the air on 90.7 WFAE. Do you have any special memories of the show?


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  1. Happy Birthday! You don’t look a day over 6 – really 12 years?! Actually I feel you have always been with us and are part of the embedded pulse and culture of Charlotte. I have been on you show three times and more than anything appreciate you giving me and others that share a passion about issues related to Charlotte’s growth, development, and quality of life a chance to broaden the spectrum of opinions and contribute to a more functional and beautiful region for everyone. I especially enjoyed Charlotte Squawks this year – prolonged laughter is rare these days!

    Also, the windowed studio at Spirit Square is great.

    In honor of you contributions to Charlotte we are sending you a special birthday gift from Civic By Design:

    A special commissioned re-design of the existing parking lot at the rear entrance of Spirit Square transforming it into a real public square. This square – along the lines of those famous ones in Savannah i.e. Oglethorpe Square – will be named Mike Collin’s Charlotte Talks Square.

    Now you will the perfect outdoor venue for your talents. Don’t worry we will keep all the parking spaces and will even add some urban loft housing so you never need to drive home in traffic again. Maybe even a corner cafe to hang out in. And we will add lots of civic space, trees, more green. The only problem may be keeping those pesky pigeons (and nattering nabobs of negativism) off you (and ultimately your statue) and the 24/7 open mike.

    Now all we need is a good fund raiser to pay for it – but that’s not too hard to find here in Charlotte when it’s a worthy cause.


    Tom Low

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